CFS disability and other legal issues

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  1. Andrew111

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    A friend of mine sent me these links.

    Disability info web site: Is is the companion site for a Yahoo group:

    A web page has several links on it. The first is a handbook for people with CFS regarding how to apply to disability. Under that are links to the same handbook but broken into chapters:

    And their main page:

    Social Security Web site regarding providing medical evidence: CFS:

    A page at the Social Security Web site that reports on the 1999 CFS ruling. I don't know if this recently changed:

    And their main page:

    Legal issues:

    Another ruling. I don't know if this has changed:
  2. jmq

    jmq New Member

    I love all these web sites...I just keep saving them in my favorites and wait until I have a fog free few moments when I can actually understand it.

    Thanks for sharing

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