? CFS do I understand this right? Or Am I totally Wrong?

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  1. carebelle

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    I have always been under the impression that CFS was when you have have fatigue over a period of 3 to 6 months that never gets better.Comeing on after a mental or Physical Illness.

    I thought you could get this from a lot of different illnesses both mental and Physical.

    Is this right or is it a different deseas its self ? Do we all get it from different things or did we all get it from the same deseas?

    example ...I believe I got CFS because my Physical body could not deal with both mental stress and Physical pain from un Dx health problems.

    Can someone get it after an infection and another person get it from stress after a loved one's death?Both having different causes but both getting CFS.

    If we get it from different things I do not know how ONE thing could ever be discovered that will heal us .

    I hope this makes since.

  2. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

  3. Michelle_NZ

    Michelle_NZ New Member

    To be "offically" diagnosed you need to have had the fatigue (and other symptoms) for 6 months. Personally, I think is quite restrictive and probably stops some people recovering as quickly as they could with earlier treatment.

    75% of CFS cases come about after viral illness, and the remainder of cases are abit of a mixed bag - bacterial infection, physical or emotional trauma, or no identifiable cause at all.

    Take care
  4. Adl123

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    Well, in my case, my doctors think that my CFIDS/Fibro were triggered by a chronic bone marrow infection.

    It seems to me, from reading posts over the years, that there are almost as many causes of CFIDS as people who have it. I think there will have to be some good research before a general cause is found.

    Although I'm not a research scientist, I feel that, while there may be many causes, perhaps there will be many different types of cures, once they start being found.

    Meanwile I try to live as best I can, doing all I can to get well, and I try to let go of the outcome. I just try to enjoy one moment at a time, as best I can.

    Don't get discouraged.

    Big hugs,
  5. mezombie

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    Because the symptoms of CFS are common to many better known(and often curable) illnesses, these need to be ruled out before a doctor can diagnose you with CFS.

    For an indepth explanation, go to www.cdc.gov/cfs. The site has an enire section for patients. The CFIDS Association (at www,cfids.org) also has some good information, including an on-line "test" you can take to see if you might have it.

    Noone knows the cause or causes of CFS, but there are a number of theories and some promising research.

    I hope this helps.
  6. dani78xo

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    From what I've read recently, the specific cause of CFS isn't known, but they suspect that having a childhood trauma can increase the chances of getting CFS by anywhere from 4 to 8 times the chances of people who haven't had childhood traumas.

    They also think that CFS might be caused by certain viruses; which viruses, they don't know. Apparently they're looking into it.

    The articles I've read have basically concluded that some people are just more likely to have CFS, whether they were born that way or did have some kind of trauma, and having some bad medical illness can set it off, or trigger it.

    I kindof agree with what they're saying. I had very severe PTSD beginning when I was 10 from a severe emotional trauma, and when I got a mystery "mono-like" virus October of '05, I never got better.

    My doctor told me that she was nearly positive that the virus was too much for my body to handle, and she suspected that the CFS is what became of it, when my body couldn't fight anymore.

    Anyways, the article stuff is only scientific; I've heard of people getting CFS for all types of reasons, but nearly every story, they've had SOME kind of surgery or accident or illness or trauma.

    To sum it up, I don't think they really know exactly what circumstances a person has to of endured for them to get CFS. Nor do they know the exact cause. And I really don't think there IS one specific cause.

    For instance, I don't think that every person with CFS has gotten it from some asinine virus; a lot of people haven't gotten viruses.

    It would be easier, though, wouldn't it? If they found one cause, and therefore one cure. That would be the ideal =].

    Sorry if my ramblings were confusing.
  7. findmind

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    You know, I don't know even one person who hasn't had a traumatic experience by the time they are 21...either a serious illness, possibly viral in origin, an accident of some kind, trauma (50% of parents divorce), emotional conflict (thru siblings, parents, school, etc.), a loved one's death (parent, sibling, grandparent), incest, molestation, rape, and so on.

    My point: Why aren't they all sick?

    I believe some of us have undiagnosed other illnesses that include sleep disorders, pain and fatigue.

    I believe some of us have been exposed to chemical or biological agents thru our illustrious country's fanaticism with population control - of other countries; however, they had to test them somehow, hence some of us are sick.

    I think the name "fatigue" has killed untold numbers. I believe there IS one reason so many get the so-called CFS; it just hasn't been found (or announced) yet. The "cause" allows us to be more susceptible to all the "triggers", whatever they may be.

    I sensed less than innocence to your question, right?

    Well, that's my answer...

    There's always hope!
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    I don't have CFS myself, only FMS, but I have had a few co-workers who have it. I really feel that the reason everyone does not come down with it upon being exposed to trauma, stress, viruses etc. is that one has to have a genetic predisposition to it. I think they will find a genetic tie to CSF. I think FMS has that same genetic component.

    Just my theory for what it's worth!

    Take care, Sally
  9. carebelle

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    trauma, stress, viruses etc. Who knows what causes it But I think we all agree that after 6 months of feeling drained and exhausted we have been Dx with CFS.

    Can you find a cure without a Cause ?

    Thank you lets keep this going for more beliefs and understanding.
  10. carebelle

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