CFS Doc in Asheville NC??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chalmeba, Aug 2, 2003.

  1. chalmeba

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    I have been using chinese medicine (acupuncture, herbs and massage) as well as warm water physical therapy. However my "western" doctor will not give me a chronic fatigue diagnosis and I would very much like to find a doctor who really understands this illness. I'd also love to chat with someone who is young (I am 25) and trying to cope with the many frustrations of this disease.
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    I'm 51 and from the Hickory area - I saw Dr. Eileen Wright at the Great Smokeys Medical Clinic in Asheville until my money ran out - What she told me to do really worked (I have CHF and Fibro) and I had a good year - but now I'm regressing some since I can't get SS, and can't work because of the brain fog (I've been a RN for 28 years and haven't been able to work since Jan 2002!!!!)And the supplements that really helped cost to much for my budget!

    I'm struggling with my family MD who is VERY SUPPORTIVE!!

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    I've been working with Dr. Ronald Parks in Asheville, he has a website, google his name with asheville.

    His specialty was psychiatry, then worked with Dr. Andrew Weil, and with Dr. Jacob Teitlebaum (author of book From Fatgiued to Fantastic).

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    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who replied with suggestions for docs in the Asheville area. I was so surprised to see multiple messages in the same night! I am going to stick with the chinese medicine for right now but I will keep those other docs in mind in the future. I am still hoping that this IS really just a post-viral syndrome of sorts and I'll get over it by the end of the year. Thanks for your supportive notes and your suggestions.

    ps - why don't we have a support group in this area?!?