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  1. spartanjt

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    Can any of the Michigan folks out there suggest a doc who has helped them w/CFS symptomology??

    I used to be a patient of Dr Ed Conley in Flint, who was a very good CFS specialist, but he has stopped seeing patients as of 7/1/03!!

    I'm in the Detroit area, and am looking for someone who can at least help me coordinate the supplements and meds i'm currently taking,,,,,many of which were prescribed/recommended by Dr Conley. Plus, i'd like to get some basic testing done such as adrenal, candida etc(which Cobley also used to do) see how i'm doing w/those areas. It would help if the doc knew something about amalgam/mercury detox, as i had my amalgams replaced w/composite materials a couple of years back, and would like to get some testing done in that area too....I am fortunate that i do not have the fibro symptoms, but definitely have the fatigue and the brain problems.

    any info from the Michiganders out there would be appreciated!!!

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    i'm from michigan also, in the detroit area. there are a couple of dr.s that i know of. (my dr) dr. edward lichten is in southfeild, off of northwestern hwy. he dx'ed me 3 yrs ago, he very very into the detox concerning all areas of the body. his knowledge on supplements his very great. if you e-mail me i can give you his web-site.
    another dr. i have heard great things about is, dr. irene metro, she is in plymouth. i have not seen her as yet, but i have fibro friends that have, and they are very pleased. fell free to e me. your michigan fibro friend kim
  3. NanceZ

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    I have heard good things about Irene Metro in Plymouth too.and am happyt o read of a good doc in Muskegon.

    My doc is holistic (a naturapath) and I think is wonderful. Within days of working with him my brain fog and dizziness left .and I continue to only get stronger.

    his name is Adrian denBoer and he is in Grand Rapids. he gets patients from all over the country and I feel VERY lucky to live in the same city as he is. His staff and office is really a pleasant experience and he gives once amonth talks on health related topics for free to anyone.
  4. spartanjt

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    Thx to all for the doc info....

    I will check out Dr's Lichten and Metro in the Detroit area

    Nancez, i just wanted to ask if you might share w/me what kind of treatment you rec'd from Dr Denboer that cleared up your brain fog and dizziness so quickly..I've tried pretty much everything for my "brain" problems w/only very small improvements??

    Curious if anyone is familiar w/Dr Brownstein and his staff of holistic physicians in West Bloomfield Mich??

    thx again ,

  5. Betsy2

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    I am from Lansing, Michigan and when I live there I saw Dr. Carol Beals in west Lansing. She is a rheaumatologist with an excellent staff of Nurse Practioners. Dr. Beals is an angel.
  6. NanceZ

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    The first thing the doc did was you sure have a lot of brain fog! And that was just by looking at me. I almost hugged him right then!

    He first did the weight height thing, then a Body Impedence Analysis with a little electronic machine (very cool!) then did an overall body check with his hands. Found a swollen liver and spleen and many other things.

    He then put me on a VERY restricted elimination type diet and had me drink a sludgey drink for the next 6 weeks....water mixed with UltraClearPlus...which is a vitamin/mineral packed powder used for body detoxification. The way I understand this best is that in detoxing the system and reducing possible allergic foods, we are giving our immune systems a break...which obviously they very much need. Witht hose two things, my heavy heavy brain fog lifted within 3 days, as well as my dizziness....and only one time did the dizziness try to come back.

    He is a Naturopath, trained in the Netherlands and thus very much up on the latest news rather than a usual MD who gets around to it many years down the road. This guy even has free talks once month on health and nutrition. his staff is awesome and warm and kind and I am blessed to have found him.

    I have just started on thyroid supplements after doing ther basal body temps thing and next time I go in he said (through email after writing of a concern) that he will check my not sure yet how but figure he'll be on top of that process too.

    I do think he's all opinions expressed above are all mine (well and his other patients too).

    I am now cliombing back fromt he elimination diet and am amazed at the things my body reacts negatively too that I used to eat without a second brain fog is 80% better as a result of these protocols. If I can just get this sleep thing down though I'll be so much better off....we're working on that.
  7. NanceZ

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    yes he seems to "push" supplements and all I know is that they seem to be helping me. I'ma fraid I'm new enough in his care that I don't know abotu colonics or the other things you've asked, sorry. I do know that the Born Clinic here near grand rapids does them though.
  8. bsyounges

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    my sister in Michigan has FM (i do too) and her Rheumy sent her to a physical therapist in Flint named Paul Chhabra who runs Renaissance Physical Therapy
    & Fibromyalgia Clinic Dr's all over the state are sending their patients to him . he believes FM is caused by toxicity and works to detox the lymphatic system. since working with paul she has gone off all her meds and is working full time. he even helped me over the phone (i'm in D.C.) when mold was found in the walls of our home. he has a book coming out in november on his theory and practices. My sister swears by his methods. Good luck
  9. spartanjt

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    Nancez- For the sleep part, i've been doing very well over the past few years w/the combo of melatonin and klonopin just before bedtime. Works very well and melatonin is an excellent anti-oxidant to boot!!