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    Hey all,

    Searching for a CFS doctor in the Philly area - the only one close to me was Dr. Steven Katz, but unfortunately I think it was only for self advertising. He brought me in, took some of my blood, said that everything came back normal, and prescribed me Provigil.

    Unfortunately, that is pretty much what my regular doctor had done. He also said "Maybe you are healthy and you just don't know it." Well, since I will no longer use his services, I'm looking for another CFS doc in the Philly area, if anyone has suggestions.

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    Well there is the FFC not too far from Philly, if you can afford the out of pocket expense.

    I started looking at hospital's website & put chronic fatigue as the doctor's area of interest. At Graduate Hospital I found Michael Silverman MD, he is an Infectious Disease Specialist.

    I'm in NJ, so I really don't know all the hospitals in Philly-only the ones that I have been dealing with. I suggest you google the hospital - then search for a doc by his/her interest in chronic fatigue. At least you will know if your insurance is accepted.

    Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. I hope you find someone good. Please let us know. I travel to Philly anyway for other doc's! The good CFS doc's in NYC (much closer for me) don't take my insurance (ugh!)

    Hey, I'll be in Philly in late October

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    Sorry to hear about your misfortune with Dr. Katz, but thank you for sharing. I posted last evening about trying to find a doctor in the Philadelphia least now I can cross him off of my list. I will keep you posted if I come across anyone. There is a doctor Kenneth Wolfe in Media who I am going to try to get more information on.

    Take Care,
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    OK, please let me know what comes of it!!