CFS Doc recommendation - Andy Kogelnik in SF Bay Area

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    i'm now three weeks at el camino hospital undergoing cfs treatment
    with dr. andy kogelnik in charge of my care. after 14 years of cfs and
    hundreds of doctors, i can say without any hesitation that kogelnik is
    the greatest doctor i have ever encountered. as many of you know, he
    ran the valcyte study with dr. montoya at stanford. what many of you may not know is
    that his entire medical background sets him up to be perfectly equipt
    to understand and treat cfs. he is also heartbreakingly kind, sincere,
    has an intimate knowing of cfs and spends genuine time listening and
    talking to you to figure out the best course for treatment. he is
    considered one of the top 30 cfs experts in the united states. his
    clinic will fill fast, so please, go see least once. it will
    be the best money you've ever spent. please pass this on to anyone you
    know who might benefit from this incredible doctor.

    dr. andreas kogelnik
    infectious disease specialist
    Mountain View, CA
  2. crm12

    crm12 New Member


    I just saw Dr. Kogelnik for the first time. I was wondering if you would share more about the treatment you've received and whether or not it helped you. Thank you.

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