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    Hi, I was looking for info on Dr. Holterf(sp) for a friend and just wanted to tell people that in Fountain Valley there is the Center for Special Immunology. They are a center of excellence. The also take an integrative approach and deal with psychological issues, disability etc. I think they take PPO insurance and medicare. That is where Dr. See practiced before he left UCI and is now with another immunology center in Huntington Beach with Dr. Nicolson.

    For those who want a more pharmaceutical approach, Dr. Bonnie Bock is an infectious disease doctor in Newport Beach who treats CFS. For those like me with a viral component, and not much into supplements, I think she's a good place to start, and lucky me, she is in my medicare HMO plan. I just got my authorization. but i remember 10 years ago she used hyperbaric chambers. She was also voted one of the top 160 docs in Orange County.

    It's sad that those that need it the most can afford it the least. Do we go to these docs and go bankrupt and live where? or as one person said, just rest, which I'm trying Oh, and I was told by Dr. Dorothy Calabrese who is on the co-cure good doc list that there is a lawsuit underway against medicare for preventing people in HMO's from getting the treatment they need by not letting them go outside the group

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