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  1. olgaa

    olgaa New Member

    Has heavy night sweat during long periods of time ended for anyone? Or is this also forever?
    If anyone managed to stop it, please tell me how.

    Thank you.

  2. AllWXRider

    AllWXRider New Member

    I read that the sweat glands are the 3rd kidney of the body. Sweat detoxifies toxic metals too.

    When I stop TF, it slowly goes away.

    Dr. Cutler says that night sweating is a classic sign of mercury toxicity.

    How is your thyroid? Cadmium toxicity interferes with the T4->T3 conversion. T3 thyroid is the "gas pedal" to each cells metabolism. Tabbacco plants have a real affinity to pulling cadmium from the earth.
  3. suzette1954

    suzette1954 New Member

    with hot flashes and night sweats. Its a terrible cycle. At night I sweat sooo bad that my gown and pillow and sheets are soaked so I throw off all of the covers and then I cool off and get cold and start all over again.

    I started taking estroven (over the counter) extra strength and it has cut them down from 20-30 a day to maybe 1-2 and the night sweats have almost stopped. I bought the CVS brand and it was alot cheaper with more tabs in a box. Hope this helps

  4. shell

    shell New Member

    Hello Olga,

    I do go through periods where I am drenched for months at a time.... it all depends on what my body is fighting. I will then go months without it. I don't have the answer except that it will probably subside and then come back again off and on eventually when whatever you are fighting (or curing for that matter) clears up. Just a little hope!

  5. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    I had night sweats. As soon as I started low-dose estrogen/progesterone pill the night sweats stopped!! Could be hormone related.

  6. olgaa

    olgaa New Member

    My nights are pretty much as goldyfm´s. I´ve had heavy night sweat for the last 4 winters (from september until may). It started at 38 after giving birth for 3 days and having mono. I appreciate the suggestions. I´ll check on some of them.
    It wakes me up many times each night. I´m so tired of it.

    Thanks again.

  7. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi, Olgaa,

    I got CFS at age 28 and began having night sweats soon after. I take a small amount of phytoestrogens and it cures the problem. It also helps me sleep better.

    I just wish I had known to also use a bit of natural progesterone cream when supplementing estrogen. If you add estrogen, you have to add progesterone too to stay in balance. If you have too much estrogen compared to progesterone, it increases your risk of breast and uterine cancer.

    It's easy to find natural progesterone cream in the health food store. I wouldn't use any artificial hormones, personally.

    I wasn't anywhere near menopause and still am not, 17 years later. It's just that CFS depresses the whole endocrine system a tiny bit.


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  8. femmule

    femmule New Member

    Okay, I have fm, and for the last 3 months have started having night sweats. You all are talking in a language that I don't understand!!! What are you saying causes this, and what can I do to stop it? Are you saying that this is a hormonal thing? I am 31 and have not had children yet.
  9. butterfly8

    butterfly8 New Member

    Night sweating may or may not be hormonal. Sometimes the doctors say it is because, if it is caused by hormones e.g., menopause, it is "relatively" easy to fix.

    But there are lots of other causes and then things become complicated. I have been having night sweats ( and day ones too) since 1989. Every doctor has provided a different cause, a different remedy - and nothing has worked.

    Currently, I 'think' they are part of my thyroid failure - but only time will tell.

    I do not know of any way to get rid of them except to work through the various possible causes and try each cure. Good luck. I have not yet been able to stop them.
  10. skippy007

    skippy007 New Member

    I am having hot flashes or so I thought - I think it really is a combo of fibro and hormonal(age related). They are at night and day. I am not taking anything right now for these as it has not been pinpointed what the cause is. Late 2005 I was having hot flashes and went to a well known gyne and he gave me the vivelle patch. It was great - no hot flashes and I was beginning to feel like myself again - almost. Then I went in for my mammogram and I had to go back three times for repeat films and then ultrasounds as I had cyst/nodules showing up in both breasts. Well, that did it for me - no more hormone patches. After I went off the patch, mammograms are back to normal. I really don't know what to do now - these flashes are getting old and interfere with everything I do - especially sleep - even if I take a sleep aid. Maybe I will try black cohosh.
  11. olgaa

    olgaa New Member

    Has anyone noticed if after getting some sleep (or at least some rest) during the day, the night sweats are less?
    I do not know if there is a direct relationship or if that is only a coincidence.
  12. Flyingkatz

    Flyingkatz New Member

    I've had FM/CFS for over 11 years. I get daytime exploding sweats too. I saw the person above me say they thought adequate sleep helped. I'm going to see if that makes a difference next time I nap a bunch. I have a terrible time Spring and Fall. Stupid weather change. Mine is not hormonal in the sense of feminine hormones. I heard in a support group something about the triple heater - thyroid, hypothalamus & something else - makes us sweat. My doc's always just say, Boy, you guys sure are wired differently. Tell me about it.
  13. pegshell

    pegshell New Member

    Olga and Others

    I also have an internal "heater" and have had it for years. I use my central air all year long and also have a fan blowing at me..My poor husband uses 3-4 blankets and wears winter clothes all year in the house..A doctor suggested I try Clonodine instead of hormones as their is breat cancer in my family history,,It works Unbelievably.I even find myself getting cold more often and had to go buy a few sweaters I could throw on..I hadnt worn a sweater in years..It is worth a try..I havent wonken up soaking wet since i went on this..
  14. moab341

    moab341 New Member

    being hot is the norm for me and has been for years now.
    I sleep with a fan blowing right on me, keep my air on 68 all year round and dress in layers in the winter so I can peel when I get hot...which is all the time.

    I have no idea what causes is, probably hormones as I had to have a hysterectomy in 2000.
    I can't take hormone pills because my Mother had breast cancer.

    I basically just suffer through it.

    When I am getting ready for work, I have the fan blowing right on me because I get so hot. It really helps!
    I also have a fan at my desk that is on all the time.

    Fans are our friends:)
  15. Ginner

    Ginner New Member

    I am a hotty
    I have had fms for 12 yrs.
    I need some more info on clonodine. Is that an rx from the dr?
  16. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Yes I have the night sweats where I have to get up and change my pj's.

    And I keep my window in the bdrm open every night.Even on the cold nights.

    I also have hot spells during the day,I keep the heat turned low.Good thing hubby dont mind.:>)

    The summer months are coming,and I am dreading the summer heat.Hate it, it makes me sick,literally. Havent got an AC.,in the aprt,and doesnt look like I will anytime soon.

    Take Care!!!
  17. for those ladies who are having the menapause,sadly the night sweats do come and go over many years.they do eventually stop though.

    i had a total hysterectomy operation in 1995,and im well over the menapause now thankfully.

    but yesterday i had a severe flare up of the fibro and chronic fatigue,which i think was my body needing rest after id been working.i find the tiredness seems to come big time about mid week.and with this flare came the body sweating from hell.

    i wasnt able to wash myself as id got the severe spine stiffness and i stayed in my nightware all day,but was battling to lower my body tempreture for hours.

    ive bought some gel patches,that you put on your forehead,and they did help in as reducing the throbbing pain i had in the head,that seems to come with the sweating.

    kind regards


  18. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    I have always been hot.All tests have come back fine for decades. But now I am in perimenopause so my night sweats are much worse.I really suffer in the summer.
  19. Ginner

    Ginner New Member

    Fran...You did good today, you made me laugh out loud! I think my problem is the effexor I am taking. This hot I have has been for 10 yrs, I have taken effexor for that long. It is a "no fun" side effect.

    Anyway...when I was working..I quit due to this dd this past Jan.07, I would buy the "gel sticky pads" and put them all over me to keep cool and to get through the day of work. I also had a fan at my desk and I was still hot.

    I love winter!!

    Thank you for the giggle, fran!
  20. you are very happy that i made you laugh,bless your heart.we all need a laugh dont just pictureing you with gel patches on every part of your body haha.

    i get a painful swollen tongue at times,it goes into spasms,acts a bit crazy all by itself,im laughing as i type to time my tongue has this problem,im going to stick two gel patches on it,then go into the living room and do a anable lector mouth movement, and look at my husbands reaction to it all.haha.

    one time i got that problem where muscles swell up behind my eye,and this in turn traps my optic nerve and takes my vision away from me.well this day, only one eye was affected.

    it would get on my nerves so much,this ok vision in one eye,no vision in the other eye.

    anyway,for a laugh.i went into my daughters bedside cabinet,took out one of her sanitary pads with wings (the sticky things that hold the pad in place)and i stuck it over one side of my face,blocking the eye that wasnt working properly.

    anyway as i heard my husband walking downstairs,i stood next to the tv.hubby walks into the room,and i turned round and said..eye eye captain...

    you should have seen the expression on his face,ill never forget it haha.he went into a laughing and choking bout at that one.

    another time,my tummy was very bloated.well over here in the uk,theres a kiddies programe called,,, the telly tubbies.

    so i got a felt tipped pen and drew a tubby face on my tummy,and wrote the words TUBBY BYE BYE.

    my goodness me,you should have heard my family laughing as i pulled my jogging trousers down a bit,exposing my telly tubby belly. haha.

    we still have that comidian inside of us dont we,the fibro hasnt fully taken that away.

    take care my friend

    love fran

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