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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ladybugmandy, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hi all. i have decided to try and check for enterovirus. has anyone here done this? if so, i was wondering if you would provide me with instructions on where and how to send the slides.

    also, if anyone knows any docs in the northeast who will order an upper endoscopy for CFS, i would love the name.

    thank you very much
  2. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    thank you for the email! i emailed loomis and she told me to send slides to chia's lab so i assume the georgetown thing has changed....

    do you know how much this will cost? it said $200 per test and they need 5 is it $1000??

    thanks, kelly:)


    ps..i cant remember if you are treating your enterovirus..?
  3. outofstep

    outofstep Member

    Ladybug I'm wondering what the treatment is for enteroviruses-does Dr. Chia have a protocol? I'm waiting to see what happens with Ampligen and the WP Institute virus before I do anything else, but the enterovirus test might be next if nothing else pans out. How do you send your blood out-is your pcp involved? I'd really appreciate any info you could provide. Also, does anyone know what other CFS viruses are being researched elsewhere in the US (aside from the regulars-herpes, Herv-k18 etc.)? Thanks!!!
  4. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    my friend was tested for viruses HTLV I and II through Dr. Klimas in Florida. i don't think i know of any other viruses aside from parvo B19 and hepatitis.

    the enterovirus testing involves having an upper endoscopy and sending tissue slides to dr. chia. you can get tested for some enteroviruses with a blood test but apparently, it is not very accurate. if you want more info on how to send tissue slides, let me know - i think k. loomis sent me some info.

    the treatment for enterovirus infection is oxymatrine and interferon.

  5. Timaca

    Timaca New Member

    This article may be of help. Read all the sections:

    I recently had blood drawn and sent to Arup lab for Echovirus and Coxsackie B testing. I'm not sure it actually made it to Arup lab, but I'll find out soon!

    Best, Timaca
  6. outofstep

    outofstep Member

    Thanks guys!!!
    It seems like Ampligen would work for an enterovirus so hopefully that will be an option. And it looks like you can get the oxymatrine tablets online. I had an endoscopy a long time ago and it was really unpleasant so want to avoid that, plus trying to get it covered by insurance, etc. But I wonder if it's possible to get the interferon prescribed without the biopsy?

    The enterovirus theory sounds really plausible the way that Dr. Chia explains it-I'm dying to hear what Dr. Mikovits has to say re: viruses at the IACFS/ME conference. I think I'll wait until after that to decide what to do re: the slides-so I'll get Kristen's info from you then Ladybug if that's ok. But could you guys please let us know in the interim if they find anything in your tests? Good luck-I hope that they find something (I know that's a weird thing to say under normal circumstances but not so much with CFS...) Thanks again!

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