CFS, Exercises, Osteo Arthritis

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    I have been treating my fibromyalgia with excercises. My orthopedist referred me to therapy of my knees trying to tackle my arthritis but the therapist read my records and decided to tackle my pain first and it helped the whole situation. I've been following the "gluten free diet," the diet for arthritis and the diet for "cfs." I really feel better, it does not mean that I am pain-free, but my body is responding to all this changes. My weight loss is very reguarding for me, I went down from 150 to 120 lbs, and I feel better, healthier. It's just some kind of encouragement for me. The only thing is that I have to keep away from eating bread, wheat-products, potato, tomato, pasta, some sauces, dairy products, and some other stuff. But it's what I have to pay to stay healthier!

    Thanks, Mariela
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    Thank you for the encouragement, Mariela!