CFS Expert Nelson Gantz, MD, Dies

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by day2day, Dec 17, 2006.

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    My heart is very heavy tonight, Dr Gantz was the one who first diagnosied me when he was at Umass Medical Center in Worcester. He was a very kind man, and helped me when I would get the really odd infections. Back then he was a infectious disease Dr.

    I moved to another state and a couple years ago he was working in PA, I think was in Harrisburg if I recall now. He was doing research and clincal trials. I called and left a message for him at the teaching hospital, he called me back and took the time to talk to me for quite a while.

    I had just jumped online tonight to see where he was now, I had some questions for him and also wanted to know if he was running any trials, and was just sickened and saddened to know that one of the nicest and dedicated Dr.s when it comes to this illness has passed.

    I hope he knew how much of us in this community cared for him, God Bless and may he rest in peace.

    He died in June of this year, but only found out tonight.
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    I was so sorry to read about your loss! This man sounds like a wonderful doctor and I'm sure will be missed by many. This world needs more doctors like him!
  3. cct

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    Dr. Gantz had moved to Boulder, Colorado. He opened a clinic in Boulder and was working with the Denver CFS/FM support group before he became too sick to continue.

    We do not have a good CFS/FM doctor in the area and we were overjoyed when Dr. Gantz moved to the Denver vicinity.

    Unfortuneately, he was only able to work in Boulder for a short time before he passed.

    We were devistated by his passing. He was a good man and a good doctor. We sincerely miss him too.

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