Cfs/Fibro and using hair colour

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  1. runningstream6

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    Hi There

    My hair is getting quite grey and I think I would feel better if I got it coloured, I'm concerned that it might make me sicker. I was wondering how other women handle this situation. I called my hairdresser and spoke with her and she said there is no adverse reaction . I was wondering what other women are doing and if there are others getting their hair dyed and whether or not it bothers them.

  2. dolsgirl

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    and that's one year after initial symptoms started. I don't know or think they're related. If anything it's probably related to the acrylic nails I've been getting since the same time. dolsgirl
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  3. phenom

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    there were some posts not too long ago about hair colouring - you should try to do a search for it. things discussed were natural hair colours with no harsh chemicals. other than that, i get my hair done at a salon with no real effects, other than my hair falling out a little bit easier than it already does. have a good day!

  4. Mikie

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    I have never had an adverse reaction, but we are all different and react differently to things.

    Love, Mikie
  5. sybil

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    and i'm not going to stop now!!

    i have fairly sensitive skin and have mild eczema.but colouring my hair has never affected me,apart from a bit of scalp burning when i used to bleach my hair a few years ago,but that was accidental when the mix was too strong!
    i have been every colour under the sun,including blue and purple.i have used natural products like henna and chemical ones,since being DX'd with FMS/CFS,with no adverse effect.

    but...if you do use a product and it makes you ill,the obvious thing to do is never use it again.
    natural dyes rarely cover grey,you will need to use something stronger as grey hair is very hard to can end up a quite few shades lighter than the rest of your hair if the colour isn't strong enough.i find reds are easier to blend in with grey hair.

    if you are new to hair dye do a skin patch test with a small solution of the product you will be using first,behind the ear is the best place,leave it for 24/48 hours.if no adverse reaction has occured,you are safe to use it.
    any professional salon worth their salt,will insist on a skin patch test before they will consider dying your hair,

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  6. herekitty

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    Getting my hair colored in the salon bothered me - sitting with all the fumes of so many processes was too much. Now I color at home, with lots of ventilation, and it's not so bad - just tiring, especially for the arms.
    Kitty =^..^=
  7. sybil

    sybil New Member

    that is my main problem,my arms get so weak,i have trouble washing my hair.
    but i'm lucky,my partner helps me out and he does all the difficult bits,like the back and neck area.
    i went to a salon a few weeks ago,but was disappointed with the colour.
    they promised it would be vibrant flame red,it turned out a dark burgundy,totally different from the colour chart! i would have been better doing it myself!

  8. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    I've been coloring my hair for a little less than a year and have not noticed in change in my health related to it. I have it done in a salon. She lightens it first, about two shades, then she uses foils to highlight it.

  9. granmama

    granmama New Member

    I had to stop coloring my hair at home. My arms would hurt holding them up above my head applying the solution. Then, you must rinse off in the tub, that was killing my back!

    So, I asked my hairdresser to color my hair. I bring my own, Preference by Loreal. She colors the roots first,then adds a little water to remaining solution and covers all my head.
    We have had to make some alterations at the sink though. She builds up the crook in the sink with towels to support my neck. The first time she colored my hair, we didn't think to do this and my neck muscles hurt for 2 weeks.

    Since going to her and letting her apply the color, my hair is much better condition. And the pampering is nice too!
    I've been coloring for 10 years always using Preference.

    One thing I did hear on the news, persons using "permanent" hair dyes are at higher risks for bladder cancer. But semi-permanent or rinses don't pose a risk.
    I feel younger after getting rid of the grey. Plus, my hair is so much softer and manageable.
    good luck to you,
  10. sybil

    sybil New Member

    i only started using permanent colours this last year.the semis weren't covering the grey very well.but maybe i will have to use them.

    my neck killed me after i went to the local salon a month ago,i don't like back washing.i prefer to lean over,even though that kills my back too!

    but when my hair is a lovely rich red colour,it makes me feel loads better mentally,it just gives me a boost

  11. scottabir

    scottabir New Member

    If you are really worried about it try using Origins tea-lights shampoo. It is all natural and actually works really well. It comes in a variety of colors too. I just don't know how well it would cover grey. The color gets darker with each use. You can't use it with any other shampoo either or it will wash out.

  12. sybil

    sybil New Member

    yes,i had a look at those once.but they can't be that good at covering grey if it washes out with any other shampoo.
    that is the problem with hair colourants,the ones with the most chemicals in,tend to be the ones that work best on hair and last longer.

    when i was well,i used to use milder colours,that washed out after about 4 washes.but now it is so hard for me to colour my hair,i tend to choose products that last the longest,so i only need colour my hair when the roots are showing about 1 and a half inches growth.about 2/3 months.

    if you want vibrant colour the 'Live' range from schwartzkof are brilliant.for more subdued colours, Garnier do some nice shades,so do L'Oreal,

  13. TerriM

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    I saw the article recently in tip of the day about permanent hair color and bladder cancer . . . very high risk it said, but it is true that everyone is different. It said something about colorists even have a 500% more chance of getting bladder cancer than the public I believe.

    I have two experiences. For a few years I had gotten highlights . . . my hair used to do it natually, but when you work all the time & don't see the sun much, you know. Anyway, in 1998 I had a well water problem (my iron filter broke) and my blond hair turned an orangy tint from the iron so I had a process to remove it done. Within a month of two of that treatment is when I began getting chronic vaginal yeast infections. Also, after my surgery & my illness was full blown 1 1/2 years ago, I didn't realize I was so chemically sensitive and I went for a highlight to boost my spirits . . . I had one of the worst flushing episodes ever, so I guess I won't do it anymore.

    I would love ideas (like the shampoo) on natural alternatives. I tried lemon juice in the sun, but am now very sensitive to heat so it didn't work out for me.

    I would definitely try to read the tip of the day on the hair coloring issue . . . the statistics were a little frightening to me!

    take care . . . Terri