CFS, fibromyalgia - Is this all really Microwave Sickness?

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    I posted this on another board. Thought maybe others here might want to look into it...

    I’m posting this information for anyone who has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/CFS, fibromyalgia/FM, chronic Lyme, MS, ADD, ADHD, autism, or Alzheimer’s – to name a few.

    I’ve read probably 5 books on the subject of the non-thermal biological effects of chronic exposure to electromagnetic/radiofrequency/microwave radiation, including Nobel prize nominee Dr. Robert O. Becker’s Cross Currents and The Body Electric and B. Blake Levitt’s Cell Towers – Wireless Convenience? Or Environmental Hazard? and Electromagnetic Fields – A Consumer’s Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves.

    You’ll quickly notice that the symptoms of Electrosensitivity (Microwave Sickness) are central to all of these illnesses. Sources of exposure to EMF/RF/MW include cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi routers, not to mention the structures surrounding us that allow these technologies to work – cell phone and wi-fi towers and antennas, for example. HAARP is another culprit.

    I’m including plenty of links for you to investigate this matter for yourself. I’m not here to sell you on it. If you don’t believe these exposures are harmful after examining the evidence yourself, my attitude is you’re probably not sick enough yet. If I sound bitter, it’s because nobody seems to want to believe that these new technologies are unsafe, and I’m battling toxic encephalopathy from too many of these exposures, as well as chronic Lyme. Not to mention I watched my pets die one by one after some antennas went up behind my home. Consequently, these exposures compromise the blood-brain barrier, so I no longer even believe that the spirochete that causes Lyme has this ability naturally – I believe we gave it this ability.

    Electro Hypersensitivity - Talking to Your Doctor

    German Doctors Unite on RF Health Effects:

    Attitudes to the Health Dangers of Non-Thermal EMFs:

    Becker Interview:

    Bioinitiative Report:

    'I'm allergic to modern living':

    The woman who needs a veil of protection from modern life:

    Mobile Phone Emissions Increase Worm Fertility:

    Mystery in the Skin:

    Audio Archives - Interviews with Top Researchers:

    Check for towers and antennas here:
  2. KerryK

    KerryK Member

    Great post. If one were to search the research reports here, they would find a few articles that strongly suggest that FM is really a form of a skin neuropathy. Most recently, one researcher noted a very strong correlation between chronic uticaria and FM, concluding FM is a skin neuropathy. I believe it to be true. It explains the widespread nature of the pain, the weird environmental sensitivities (since the skin is our frontline sensory organ), that fact that many manual therapies can have at least temporary benefit (even though they claim to act on muscles, they act even more directly on the skin), also we can benefit from various skin ointments, etc. Our skin is our largest and most sensitive organ. If a disease of our sensory system occurs, that is where it could have such an oversized impact!
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    I'm glad I'm not alone in noticing the correlation. One of my own personal findings was elevated eosinophils, which I was told could be caused by either a parasitic infection or allergies. Antibiotics alone to treat my Lyme Disease have helped some, but many of these strange systems persist and mimic allergies to everything from foods and pollens to certain environmental exposures for me.

    I found another great article on the topic with a pretty extensive list of some of the non-thermal effects observed.


    Do You Have Microwave/EMR Sickness?
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    I think there is something to it.

    EMFs very well might cause the illness we suffer from, but I think more likely that it just exacerbates they symptoms.

    I have not read the links provided yet, thanks for those. Information is Power!
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    I still think there's a huge problem with microwave oven radiation sickness, but no one ever wants to listen about that. Microwaves change the molecular structure of foods and damage the nutrients. They also do not kill alot of bad bacteria and the cooking is uneven. And when we cook foods in some of the microwave packaging, we are getting toxins from that packaging. Plus radiation from the oven itself. I really think there is something to it.
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    First I was moved into a new addition to our building at work. Two stories, lots of carpet, drywall, paint, etc. That was right before we learned of sick building syndrome so I really had to ask myself if I got sick from that. I don't know still.

    BUT! I learned several years after I got sick that I had been sitting next to a wall that had on the other side the power boxes for the entire new side of the building - stacks of breaker panels etc. I asked them to have the power company to test the EMF in my office.

    At my desk, the levels were astronomical! Like being under a power line. My computer monitor shimmied from the EMF. The power man said he would move as far away from that wall as possible if it were him. (But that the power company had no eveidence that it was harmful). I moved my desk to the end of the room, approx 30 feet away. the EMF reading at my new site was equivalent to pasting your face on a long flourescent tube lamp all day! Argh, I get so mad when I think of what I put up with for money. For 17 years I was in that office all day. Who knows what effect it had on my health?

  7. kermworm

    kermworm New Member

    Thanks to everyone for being open-minded!

    To answer the poster who asked why only some people would be affected by these exposures and not others? Why some develop brain tangles, others become autistic, others develop cancer, and so on...

    I'll try to post more info later, if I can find it, but several reasons...

    First, not everyone here shares identical exposures to electromagnetic, radiofrequency, and microwave radiation, even those living in the same home.

    Second, each one of us is genetically different, so our genetic makeup will determine if, when, and how we will be affected - though the nervous system, immune system, and detoxification system seem to be central to all of these illnesses.

    Third, microorganisms may be involved and play a secondary role - bacteria, fungi, viruses, for example, or even a toxin, combined with exposure to electromagnetic radiation. In other words, a bacteria, coupled with a certain exposure might trigger Alzheimer's in some, autism in others, Parkinson's in still others, and so on - depending on which part of the nervous system the microorganism (or toxin) settles.

    Take smoking and lung cancer. Someone who smokes damages (and needs to repair) their lungs daily. If a person who smokes happens to be in 'repair mode' at the precise time they are exposed to a certain frequency and duration of radiation, cancer cells - which look eerily close to embryonic (repair) cells - may take over what was merely supposed to be a 'repair job', creating malignancy.

    This might explain why some who smoke never develop lung cancer (they weren't in 'repair mode' during a carcinogenic EMR exposure), why smokers are more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers (smokers are in 'repair mode' more frequently than non-smokers increasing their odds of being in 'repair mode' during a carcinogenic EMR exposure), and why even non-smokers sometimes develop lung cancer anyway (cigarettes aren't the only inhalants that can cause lung damage and force a person into 'repair mode' during an exposure).

    I hope I'm not coming off as a know-it-all here either. Every idea I'm posting here stems from what I've read in Dr. Robert O. Becker's books, and his books sort of changed my purpose in life. He was twice-nominated for a Nobel prize (he's deceased now), but he proved that specific exposures to DC (direct current) for a specific duration of time could trigger bone healing in non-healing fractures, and he sort of thinks that every one of us probably has an inherent ability to regenerate tissue - virtually any tissue, just like a salamander - but the AC (alternating currents) that power our homes today, coupled with all this other electromagnetic garbage, might be why we can't heal organs anymore.

    But back to the subject - here is an excellent article on the subject of industry cover-up and how the industry has been able to claim 'no effect' from these exposures for so long...

    “Radiation Research” and The Cult of Negative Results:
  8. kermworm

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    Below is what Dr. Becker wrote about in his books - about north-pole seeking bacteria. If this is true, imagine what electrosmog and all these unnatural exposures might be doing to the bacteria and other microorganisms inside all of us. Is this the reason for bugs like MRSA? HIV? West Nile? Swine flu? This entire piece is good, but read this part...

    ...In 1971, naturalist Richard Blakemore of Woods Hole Marine Biology Lab
    noticed that bacteria collected from Cape Cod marshes crowded to the
    north side of culture dishes. He rotated the plates, and bacteria
    migrated back to north. Using a new tool -- an electron microscope --
    he found tiny micro-crystals chains of magnetite in bacteria are a
    compass. These were unit cell crystals -- smallest a magnetite crystal
    can be.

    He then took north-seeking bacteria to the southern hemisphere. They
    continued to swim north a few weeks, then "turned tail" and began
    swimming south. Electron microscopy revealed they'd disassembled and
    rebuilt the magnetite crystals to adapt to a changed magnetic pole.
    Bacteria don't "think" north; they become a compass...


    Do EMFs Affect the Growth of Yeast?

    The Affect of Microwave Radiation on Fruit Mold:[This Message was Edited on 10/20/2009]
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    You're right. The Bioinitiative Report below contains thousands more studies showing biological effects from these exposures...

    Bioinitiative Report:

    What I've been reading though is that researchers who refuse to go on record claiming the results of whatever study was done proves 'safety, once-and-for-all' have their funding cut, Like Dr. Becker - he kept losing his grants and was forced to retire at the age of 56. Below is something written by one of his graduate students, Andrew Marino. He explains how their efforts to study these non-thermal biological effects were thwarted along the way by industry and government, how their grants were cut, etc... I don't know enough about electricity to explain this in great detail, but Dr. Becker discovered that human cells communicate in an "analog" fashion using direct current. Again, below is Marino's story of what he and Dr. Becker went through trying to research EMFs...

    Andrew Marino - Powerline EMF and Human Health

    And what about this little girl below? Even geneticists are perplexed because she refuses to age, and her chromosomes show zero abnormalities. So maybe its time to stop blaming our genes and start blaming EMFs?...

    The Girl Who Doesn't Age

    A Child Frozen in Time[This Message was Edited on 10/20/2009]
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    Hey, thanks for those links, Glen. My ex-husband had a brain tumor removed back in 2007 - he was a heavy cell phone user and had spent 6 years in the Navy working on radar, probably half the reason I'm so interested in this subject. The whole time I was with him he suffered headaches, nosebleeds, and had issues with his temper. I had no idea he had a slow-growing brain tumor at the time.

    I think my use of a cordless (portable phone) is the reason why I'm sick, too - they're no better than cell phones, radiation-wise.

    The link you posted says that part of the reason studies posted by the industry claim cell phones are safe is because they used portable/cordless phone users as their 'unexposed controls'. We have an epidemic now of brain tumors in this country, and it is only going to get worse.

    Thanks again!

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