CFS/Fibromyalgia - Numb feet and legs below the calf

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    Hello Everyone,
    I am 81 years old today, and new to Pro Health's Message Board. Have been suffering for the past several years from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. It keeps me from going anywhere. Had been to 7 different doctors before it was finally diagnosed 2 years ago. It came on gradually with lightheadedness, hypoglycemia, poor coordination and balance problems...left me with the feeling that from my hips down I feel very though the bottom half of me doesn't work with the upper half of my body. It's a weird feeling, and I have great difficulty walking...not only the muscle spasms and weakness, but the weird feeling of floating as I walk. I can only shop at the supermarket or I have to spend a good part of each day lying on the couch due to allergies, terrible muscle and joint pain, severe weakness, bladder & bowel problems...and numbness in my feet an legs just below the calf. I asked my doctor about the numbness, but he didn't answer. Have any of you experienced this? Would appreciate a reply. Thank you so much.
    Blessings, Doris D. Garza

    CFS/Fibromyalgia have numbness like this?
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    You are probably talking about what I have been complaining about all day - the tingling in my feet. As if they are going to sleep. It is about to drive me NUTS today. This is not a new feeling for me but a more constant one. My hips, legs, ankles and feet bither me more it seems than the upper halp of my body. Maybe because I am overweight. Not that the upper half doesn't take its turn with aches and pains too. I have to sign off here. My work day is done. I am going home for the day. WLE

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    hello Doris ,
    I too have the issue with numbness,which is painful.i will be 35 in 10 days,guess this IS NOT Age,huh?
    I do not have good answers as I am Learnig,however for many here it is a circulative issue caused by fibrin,eventually leading to numbness. Very confusing to All,i believe.
    there are a few types of Treatments availanle with Proven results. I think knowing Much about self and individual conditions assists in finding the best route for you. Simple Right? :)

    once again Welcome & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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    Dear Doris,

    I am sorry you are suffering with all of this. I am not sure I know any answers for this but I know someone who has what you described and it took a long time for the diagnosis to be made. In the case of the person I know, it was peripheral neuropathy which is a problem with the nerves in the legs. Maybe you can ask your doctor about this so diagnostic tests can be done. Good luck.
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    I have been diagnosed with FMS for 7 years now. Started having neurological problems last fall. The humidity really does a number on me. Went away last fall. (I started going numb on my left side, my brain was burning, also up my spine.) It returned in March. Went through a every test i think know, nothing showed. Told me i had - get this - sensory polyneurpathy of the small fibers of unknown cause. Like that helped me out. I have tremors, my leg goes out, i drool at times, vision problems, you name it. I am numb almost everyday, i can live with that its the pain i cant take. My Fibro dr. in the beginning (he specializes in FMS) said this was more than Fibro, the Neurologist say not. So i dont know what to believe. Good Luck, will keep you in my prayers, mama
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    Welcome Doris, you've found a great place just chock full of information. I don't have as much numbness as you but lots of the other "stuff". If I were you I would call the doctors office and tell the nurse ya'll forgot to discuss the numbness and ask what you should do.

    Take care and you might want to edit your message to take off your last name. You'll notice other posts about being careful not to include too much info.