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  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Wondering if any ones crashes start with allergy, sinusitis symptoms instead of the sore throat..

    After all these years I have finally pinpointed my pattern..It starts out like allergies,( stuffy ears, head congestion, head fullness and headache between the eyes that wakes me up arond 4 am.) about two days of this then the chills, aches fatigue and so on..

    This happenes every week 3 days up and going then 4 or more in bed..

    If I don't go to bed and get plenty of rest then the sore throat begans ususally in one side then the other..Then I have no choice but to end up in bed..

    Or could this be a sinus or allergy problem..?I don't have colored mucus or other sinus symptoms..Just never know with this dd..

    Thanks and God bless,
  2. victoria

    victoria New Member

    or I am in a constant flare? Because I have sinus headaches almost every day.

    I KNOW tho that the antihistamines and ibuprofen and occasional oxycodone contribute to my brain fog and fatigue...

    all the best,
  3. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Hi wakemeup, I don't have the sneezing or watery eyes etc..Its this head pressure, fullnes in ears and the bendryl or other antihistimines seems to make it worse..I have tried everything including steriod nasal spray nothing seems to help...

    When I talk of the morning it sounds like I have a bad cold and by around 3 pm the other symptoms seem to be at bay and the fatigue, aches, nausea and sorta dizzy so I go to bed..I am spending to much time but seems its the only relief I get..There is no end and I feel miserable..

    Thanks to each of you for your input..

  4. place

    place New Member

    when it all started it was allergies and sinus, I had massive fatuge. Very similar to what many on this board talk about.

    But when I was dx with fibro, I had taken care of that aspect though shots, diet, environmental cotrols and meds.

    I think if I would have not resolved those issues, I would have CFS along with my dx of Fibro.

    But I believe that I have had this since I was13/14/15 ish.
  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Do you think the allergy thing is related to this cfs? Maybe I do have allergies and should try a bendryl of the morning it sure couldn't hurt..Do you have the head and ear pressure if so does he bendryl help..I haven 't tried it in a while..

    Shanaka 10 thanks for the input I will contact you, Yes I know chemicals, perfumes and just being outside makes me worse..


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