cfs/fm and ibs- diarreah-- cured!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. bigmama2

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    long story short.

    i ve had cfs (no fm) and baaad ibs- diarreah for years and years and years. nothing could "fix" my painful severe frequent diarreah episodes. oh the horror stories i could tell you about this. dont ask, please dont- its too embarassing.

    after about 15 YEARS of diarreah-- its gone! totally gone!! i can poo now. like solid poo. everyday! for like 6 months now! how great is that?!!!

    what "cured" me? i had a colonoscopy. it is the ONLY thing that has changed. i figure that the colonoscopy "prep" cleaned me out 100% and got rid of something "bad" (bacteria or whatever) or the prep and or procedure somehow changed my gut.

    i am so glad i had the procedure done. i wonder if the colo prep/ and or procedure itself has "healed" anyone else- or am i a total anomaly?

    thoughts anyone?

  2. richvank

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    Hi, bm2.

    What great news!

    I haven't heard of this happening before.

    Do you still have your appendix? If so, I think that might explain this happy development.

    For many years, it was thought that the appendix serves no useful purpose, sort of like they also thought the tonsils were useless. However, not too long ago, someone advanced the hypothesis that the appendix serves as a "safe house" for bacteria that are beneficial to the gut. The idea is that if a person gets a serious case of dysentery or extreme diarrhea that sweeps the bacteria from the colon, when things settle down the appendix can supply good bacteria to repopulate the gut. So maybe in your case the prep for the colonoscopy swept out the bad actors from your colon, and then the appendix was able to put some good ones back in. Or maybe something you ate afterward (such as yogurt, perhaps?) supplied some friendly bacteria.

    Whatever happened, I'm happy to hear it. Gut problems are one of the main bugaboos in CFS.

    Best regards,

  3. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    thanks for the comments. yes i do still have appendix. after the colo i did not eat yogurt or probiotics or anything. nothing different. doing the colo prep was a few days of horribleness, as we all know. but i am soooooooooooooooooo glad i did it.

    i would almost recommend that someone in my situation (ibs diarreah for years) consider trying a colonoscopy or just doing the prep for it, to see if it cures (or improves) them too. i cant be the only one, can i? (reminder- talk to your doctor or gastroenterologist). i had a great gastro doc. it is so nice to occasionally find a rare dr who actually cares and wants to help.

    since my gut is better, my cfs has improved a little. no drastic improvement. but as we all know, most people w cfs will take any improvement they can get!!!

  4. TigerLilea

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    Aussie, BigMama didn't have her colon removed - she had a colonoscopy which is a test, not surgery. I would think that a person having their colon removed would require general anaesthesia as that is major surgery.
  5. bigmama2

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    hi rainbow! thanks!

    tigerlilea and aussie- glad you guys got that cleared up. its funny that aussie thought i was making a sarcastic miracle cure post!!!

    i sounded so enthusiastic because i am so glad to not have horrible diarreah "emergencies" anymore. i just hope it keeps staying good. if it ever gets bad again- i would ask my dr for another colonoscopy!

    the only thing that is cured is my IBS. (my cfs is a little better.)

    (and by the way- yes i do hate any bogus or advertising "miracle cure" posts if they are not true or not written in the spirit of truth and helping others, ie- have other motives for writeing the post)

    but as wacky as my story is- it's true! and i just wanted to share it in case it could help anyone else. plus its just so wierd that i couldnt just not tell you guys!! LOL

  6. gapsych

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    Thanks guys, I needed a laugh. BM2, colonoscopy, good conversation just does not get better than that,eh?

    Is BM the same as number 2? If so BigMama, you are spot on.

    I have to have a colonoscopy next year. Actually, it was not that bad and now you don't have to drink as much of that "stuff" that cleans you out.

    Interesting how proud of yourself you feel when the nurse says, "You bowels are so clean. Good job!!" I thought she was going to give me a sticker for my behavior chart!!

    On a serious note, glad you are feeling better. Enjoy it!!!

  7. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    i'm glad rainbow and aussie and broadcasting have found your improvements / cures for your bowel problems!!!

    broadcasting- they did not remove anything (except maybe a small biopsy- i cant remember) or find anything abnormal. it was all good/normal.

    kjm- hi kina! (sorry about the too much info- lol- i know its a gross topic- but i had to share it)

  8. skeptik2

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    I'm next colonoscopy is not until Jan 2012...

    I have been having severe IBS-D for a few months now; I eat very
    well, cook my own food, plenty of fiber and bulk.

    So, I think it's a neurological manifestation of ME/CFS. The peristalis
    (motion) of the esophagus and bowel do not work properly while this
    is going on.

    I take probiotics twice a day, so I really don't think that is the answer
    to neuro problems for me.

    Don't you all find that bowel symptoms are a very interesting topic?
    I fact, it's hilarious around our house: we three with ME/CFS
    are eating dinner and watching TV news (in lounge chairs), and
    invariably something will trigger bowel conversations! While we are
    trying to eat! I know, sounds gross, but commonplace when you get
    2 or more ME/CFS folks gathered, LOL!

    Best to all...
  9. u&iraok

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    bm2, I found this:

    "Occasionally air may be pumped through the colono-scope to help clear the path or open the colon. If there are excessive secretions, stool, or blood that obstruct the viewing, they will be suctioned out through the scope."

    Maybe you had an obstruction that the colonoscopy cleared?


    I had Clostridium Difficile and cured it with grapefruit seed extract, oregano oil and liquid betaine hcl in water three times a day. After a month of this tasty regimen (warning, it's not easy but having c. diff is 1000x worse) I was 90% cured, after two months, 100%. Be very careful about using antibiotics to cure it because they will screw up the already screwed up environment of the colon. I was on a c. difficile message board for a while and it was heartbreaking to listen to people who took antibiotic after antibiotic to no avail and were getting sicker and sicker, bedridden with dozens of bms a day.
  10. SnooZQ

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    Sooo ... do you think the cure was in the 'scope, or in the "jug?"

    The prep solutions are a LOT cheaper than the skilled scoping part ... we're talking bucks vs. thousands of bucks ...

    Since there are variations in prep, may I ask what your doc RXd?

    I sure hope your fix lasts!
  11. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    snooz- i would GUESS that my "cure" was from the prep (the jug) not the procedure itself. there were no obstructions or anything done during the exam.

    the prep was something like this- 3 eves before exam drink bottle of magnesium citrate. then for teh next 2 days before the exam- no solid foods- just broth, gatoraid, jello. and alsos drink this huge jug of nasty RX yucky stuff that "cleans you out, big time". you just "go and go and go".

    i really do think that the prep cleared away some bad bacteria or virus or infection or SOMETHING.!!!!

    the change in my poo is night and day.i am actually normal or constipated nowadays. and i love it. i should contact the dr and tell him my story.

    take care all
  12. SnooZQ

    SnooZQ New Member

    Your doc reallllllly is thorough!

    I've had 7 or 8 scopes (lost count) since age 30 (polyp) & all I've ever been instructed to do is a one-day clear liquid fast w/the "jug" in the early eve., then fasting total until procedure next a.m.

    Believe it or not, in the last 20 yrs. the jug has actually improved. A bit. Most brands are now reduced sulfate compared to the old days -- which means less headache (literally) for some of us, and improved palatability. Think rotten egg smell added to the jug ... (old days)

    Whatever, you & your doc did find the magic formula!
  13. gapsych

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    BM2, I think you might be on to something. Warning, do not try this at home!!


    FYI. When I cut and paste the above URL it did not work with google but did with yahoo. Go figure.

    I like the website idea. May I write a testimonial?

    ETA I only had to take the minibottle of the stuff that cleans out your colon. I did that the night before and could only have clear liquids after that. I may have had to fast this last time.

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  14. vlgst9

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    I had exactly the same experience.horrible liquid diarrhea several times a day, incontinent at times, nothing definitive on tests. I had a colonoscopy with a miralax, docuate, Gatorade prep and have had normal stools since about 2-3 days after. Nothing else helped and trust me, I tried everything!!!!