cfs/fm and ptsd

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    I have often wondered if complex ptsd and fibro can be related. I know when my fibro flairs so does my ptsd. The christmas/ thanksgiving time is one of my biggest ptsd triggers, In between the anxiety, the jumpiness and deppresion is bad enough but then my fibro flaires. I am kinda glad that people are staring to realize the biological and physical changes your body goes through when suffering from complex ptsd. I was abused in all 3 forms from the age 7-14 by my mom husband. I also wittnesed my mom when I was 4 having a gun held to her while she was forced to put me and my brother to bed so this man mom was set up by blind date could have his way. I don't rember much. I woke up in my bed all I rember was hiding underneather a table because he scared me. I thought I fell asleep underneath the table and mom found me and put me to bed. My brother who was seven rembered it all and had to talk to the cops but all I could rember was hiding under the end table. I don't rember a morning from 10 years old and up that I didn't wake up feeling like a train wreck.
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    thank you for trusting us to hear your very hurtful memories. why innocent children must go through such pain is a mystery to me, but we take some strength from it hopefully, and go on to make sure our own children or any child we have contact with, has it better than we did. that's the only answer i have, is that we can do what it takes to give the children around us a good life, free from harm or pain.

    you seem to be a strong person who was dealt a bad hand like the rest of us. fibro is unpleasant and you experience pain, the memories are also unpleasant and painful, so a trigger probably does exist. the way you communicate about those bad memories shows that you are strong. good for you, and just keep on being that way.

    best to you.
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    I really was not looking for answere why it happened, but you are right it has made me a very strong person in character and morales and a very protecitve and open mom. I have been having a rough patch lately sometimes it easier to get on here then it is to talk to my husband or family. I don't like to show weakness one of those survial taticts that I need to unlearn. Anyways off subject again and just maybe one of these days, more infromation on all 3 subjects will come to light and more answere for those who suffer. Thanks for your kind words.
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    I too had a very bad and tramatic childhood. Both my sister and I have an extremely hard time bringing up the past due to our PTSD, and both are bi-polar. Much of my childhood I do not remember, until a smell, sight or sound will bring buried memories to the forefront. Oddly enough I was not diagnosed with my Bipolar, PTSD, and axiety disorder until I turned 49.

    My own opinion, and yes this is only MY opinion is, because of all the trauma we have gone through causes that fight or flight mode over and over again through childhood and adulthood as well, this puts us in constant stress which weakens our immune system. So my thinking is possibly PTSD, and other childhood traumas can be a marker that is part of the puzzle of cfs/fibro. Not all people who have CFS/Fibro have had horrific childhoods, but I wonder if alot of us with CFS/Fibro have.

    My feelings are possibly, we have several markers that cause a perfect set up for us. For me it would have been, childhood trauma, working with chemicals that I had adverse effects to for a long period of time, and then viral infection with mono on the heels of the viral infection. Again this is all my own opinion that this could be one of the triggers.

    I do notice when I am having PTSD problems, I flare worse than ever.

    Hope this makes sense.

    I also want to say, I am sorry that you have gone though this. I am on meds now that have lessened my emotional pain, and can't believe I waited so many years to seek help. It has made a world of difference. (((( ))) to you! Hope you are doing better.