CFS/FM curable? Yes along with much more

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    I was recently told by an acquaintance that, after 14 years, she was able to live without her wheelchair and that she has no more debilitating pain from Fibromyalgia. I was astounded - she's a good person, doesn't lie or stretch the truth, very caring/loyal/honest, etc. As I found out later, her quick response (less than a month) is, indeed, an anomaly, but not unheard of; and I did the research I needed to see if this care is an option for me.

    Not only do I feel that it is an option but it's so completely logical, almost obvious, that I began care myself. I have had CFS/FM for approximately 30 years, but all kinds of wonderful changes are taking place now, after 4 months of treatment in an "intensive care" --vs. "wellness care"-- program (6 months is average to see striking changes and healing).

    There are reliable studies showing that many more conditions/diseases are eminently curable --depending upon each person's own body, the severity of the condition, the length of time it has been present, etc.-- besides Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Here's a list, below; and, yes, there IS HOPE!

    Allergies/Asthma/Chronic Cough/Skin Rash
    Alzheimer's Disease
    Bipolar Disorder/Depression
    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    Chronic Ear & Sinus Infections
    Disc Disorders/Herniated Disc
    Epilepsy/Seizure Disorders
    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
    Headache/Migraine/Cluster Headaches
    Head Injury
    Insomnia, Sleep Disorder
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Ulcerative Colitis
    Menstrual Disorders
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Pain in Neck, Back, Arms, Legs & Joints
    Parkinson's Disease
    Sensory Integration Disorder
    Thyroid Disorders
    TMJ Dysfunction
    Tourette Syndrome
    Trigeminal Neuralgia

    Some of these make your head swirl, I bet - they did mine. There are no drugs or surgery involved, because the effective specialty is a chiropractic one. The hitch is that, for this specialty, there is an additional 18 months of very advanced/high-level training required after the chiropractic degree is achieved. As a result, there are currently only about 1,750 doctors practicing this specialty *in the world*. (btw, if you don't know, chiropractors get the same education some respects, better.... that M.D.s do. The difference is that M.D.s need to do residencies because what they do is life-threatening ....if drugs or surgery don't work, serious hurt or even death can occur; and it's a darned good thing they have to practice their specialties for a few extra years, as a result.

    The chiropractic specialty I'm talking about is Upper Cervical Specific and, although it's similar to the Blair Method, it's really in a class all by itself by virtue of technique, tools, and results. The overall effect is holistic in that the focus is on the top two vertebrae of the spine ...the atlas and the axis, where the brain messages to the spine begin --no adjustment of a lower vertebrae is going to make nearly the difference that an UCS adjustment will, simply because if they are subluxated they are already not receiving the clear/complete messages that the brain is sending and vice versa. That is to say, if an organ or muscle needs a certain hormone, for example, the "hormones here, please!" message is either not going to reach the brain correctly or else the brain is not going to be able to respond correctly because the message has to pass through the compromised atlas and/or axis.

    This is, actually, a pretty good general description; but the doctors who do it are (of course) MUCH better at explaining it than I am. I wish everybody could hear it for themselves and start care. And I mean everybody, too - no more disease for babies & kids, never mind all the adults with small or major complaints. The key to my response was probably Hope ....once I realized what goes on and what's supposed to be going on, it became very very clear that this is the best thing I could ever have discovered. This from a woman who has been to some very good doctors who know a LOT about the body and all its processes and who did an EXcellent job maintaining my health at a medium level for a number of years. But NOW I'm looking forward to regaining full health, which is a source of utter joy for me because I was just beginning to grok that I was going to die with this crummy condition.

    I already knew that the nervous system controls every cell of the body, so it quickly became apparent to me that UCS makes more sense than anything I've ever heard of, let alone tried. This specialty is exceedingly precise: Since standard x-ray technology is inadequate in this situation, laser-aligned x-rays are used to diagnose initially. Then,at each visit, thermographic scans are done of the neck both at the beginning and before you leave, so you KNOW that the nervous system messages are flowing clearly before you walk out the door. There's no 'well, I hope that worked', or 'We'll see how that does next time'. It's a process, because your spine is finding its way to what's normal for *your* body (not normal based on what's vertical), but when you leave, everything is working. And here's a switch; the doctors' goal is to NOT have to adjust you; so they're careful to note when it's necessary and when it's not, and visit frequency decreases as you heal. What's impressive to most people who are taking prescription drugs or doing other "special" things for their condition is that You Don't Have To Change Any Of That. As you heal, your doctor can work with your M.D. to wean you off the no-longer-needed drugs, for example. As your body heals itself --which is how we were MADE to operate-- you can scale back or eliminate everything else you have added to your "health" regimen.

    Can you imagine? No fatigue, no joint pain, no muscle aches, no rashes, no sleeplessness, no eyebrow hair loss, no hot flashes-that-last-several-minutes, no allergies ...NO BRAIN FOG. And, as I reread that, it's almost as good to know that there's also NO drugs, no special diets, no exotic drinks, no anything except the innate healing ability of the body, which has been downplayed for decades. It seems we don't have a health care system - we have a sickness system. And lots of fear and doubt.

    I have to say, the list of conditions/diseases that respond to this care is so impressive, but one of my favorite comments from another patient was,
    'Before I started with this care, I thought I felt great! I had a few aches in my hands and stuff, but -hey- you get older, your body breaks down, stuff happens. I just wanted to keep it from breaking down too fast, so I came here in hopes that I could do that. But now I *really* feel great. Who knew?!'

    I'm so grateful to my friend for telling me about this that I don't know how to sufficiently express what I feel. I do know, however, that there IS a "light at the end of the tunnel" - a bright one- and I can hardly wait till *all* the symptoms go away. The first thing I'm going to do is ....DANCE! 8-D

    If you're interested and you're in or near the San Francisco Bay Area, I can direct you to more information; and if you're outside that area, I know there's a resource to find the UCS doctor nearest you & the local doctors can help you find her/him. Here's to Health! :eek:) (Sorry, I haven't figured out how to use the icons yet.)
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    I had many treatments of which you speak, and unfortunately, I became much worse. The Chiropractor and I decided together that we should discontinue the treatments. People with CFS should be very wary of any treatments which are not very gentle, even a massage which is too deep can make my symptoms much worse.

    I am very glad that this is working for you, however, and wish you the best. Marie
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    I have tried this; it made me much worse & gave me dreadful neck pains that I did not have before. At the same time my son went for Tourettes & Aspergers - it made absolutely no difference to him.

    I am very suspicious of your claims that it is a cure for these conditions. My experience was that it is not.
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    I know personally what the chiropractor can do. My vagus nerve was being pinched in my neck and going to him to get my neck popped was the difference between feeling halfway okay and feeling like I was dying.

    The only problem is, these are things that maybe would have prevented us from getting so much worse in the beginning but after a certain point, the damage has been done to multiple metabolic systems in the body. These have to be addressed, either with drugs or supplements or whatever, individually or you can't get back from the "point of no return".

    Supplements, adjustments and acupressure seem to be "curing" me but I really can't use that word comfortably for quite awhile until I'm convinced I won't have a crash ever again and I get my mind back. Maybe after a couple of years I'll tell people I "cured" myself.

    Most of us got past the point of no return and suffered miserably. Getting the communication back to the hpa axis won't help if protein synthesis has already been disrupted and has damaged every organ right down to the mitochondria. Adjustments certainly are important, at least in my case, but there is also a slow process of giving the body what it needs so it can repair damage and replenish reserves which have been depleted comparably to someone crossing the desert.

    I actually got the idea to see a chiropractor when I was so miserable and desperate, I was online and came across the Edgar Cayce website. He was the psychic reader who did health readings on lots of people a long time ago. He recommended adjustments for everyone regularly. I told you I was desperate. So I went and it really did help me. That was the first time I was able to get out of bed. You can look up his recommendations for various ailments; he's long dead but there's a website with a collection of his readings. Very interesting stuff.

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