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    Hi everyone,

    Well, I think I overdosed on the VIP and it seems to have (maybe) decreased my level of estrogen. I had a cut on my fingertip that wouldn't heal. I missed a period.

    So I took a break from the VIP. My hair became frizzy again within a few days. I started putting on fat again. My cut healed right up.

    So I asked the pharmacy and they can make me a quarter batch of VIP for $150 a month. At least it's a $100/month savings. I'll try taking a tiny, tiny amount. This probably won't happen to other people, since I'm extremely sensitive to hormone supplements.

    In other news, a health food store employee told me about Tulsi tea, which is exactly the kind of gentle adrenal support I've been looking for. I have been drinking a cup or two every day. In addition, I discovered that the peppermint flavor is excellent for soaking my hands in. My hands get rough and dry and irritated from handling objects with mold toxins on them. The tea soak is soothing.

    In still other news, I learned about a product called MDF 500 which was originally developed by the defense department for cleaning things that had been exposed to chemical or biological weapons. I tried the laundry powder (MDF 300P) and it does seem to reduce the amount of mold toxins on clothing that has been exposed to them.

    The company that makes it is called Modec. They're in Denver.

    If you're reading this, Andrew, I wonder how things are going for you!

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    I think Dr. Shoemaker has a good theory, but I think he may be missing a piece of the puzzle. I suspect that if XMRV does turn out to cause CFS, it may take a virus like XMRV to "turn on" the mold or Lyme susceptible genes that so many of us have.

    That is what happens in Celiac disease. People with the susceptible genes for it often develop it after they've had a virus of some kind. So it would make sense if this was happening to us, too.

    If researchers can come up with some kind of drug that would put XMRV into latency in a month or two, then it would be much more do-able for people with mold sensitivities to go out into the wilderness for that amount of time, take the drug, and get well. I hope it happens!

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    I think it's also probable that many folks with CFS/ME develop celiac-disease-type problems because they have low MSH (melanocyte stimulating hormone).

    In this medical research article they concluded that MSH helps to control inflammation caused by gluten -

    Title: Anti-inflammatory effects of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in celiac intestinal mucosa.
    Source: Neuroimmunomodulation (2000) vol: 10 iss: 4 pg: 208 -216
    Author: Colombo , Gualtiero

    Objective: The aim of the present research was to determine whether -MSH and its receptors participate in a localized anti-inflammatory response in the duodenal mucosa of celiac patients.

    Conclusion: Presence of alpha-MSH and its receptors in celiac mucosa suggests the presence of a local reaction to control the inflammatory response elicited by gliadin.
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    Interesting! Thanks for sharing that, Lono83.

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    Well, here's an interesting bit of info.

    I've been using the retail form of MDF 500, which is called Scott's Liquid Gold Mold Control 500, to spray some floors of areas which had gotten mold toxins on them. It did seem to help some with denaturing the toxins.

    It's a serious chemical, which can cause irreversible eye damage if you get it in your eyes, so I was wearing goggles, an N-95 mask, PVC-coated gloves, and clothes over arms, legs, etc. After 12 hours it is said to turn into completely harmless stuff. So I just stay away from the area for 12 hours afterwards. It does leave a chemical smell behind, but it's not hugely unpleasant.

    In spite of all my protective gear, I inevitably seem to get exposed to a little bit of the chemical. Probably through the unprotected skin on my face. It does cause a red burned kind of feeling on the skin. But it makes me feel really good in general for a few hours afterwards. it gives me a high.

    I know this chemical isn't intended for human consumption, AT ALL. But I wish there were a way to re-formulate it so it could be taken in pill form. Because I suspect it would be better than cholestyramine.


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