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    Hi everyone,

    Well, this month I've been trying some Juice Plus supplements, because someone gave me some for free. I figured what the heck. They have actually been helpful. They have been helping me to detox very gently. So without the usual side effects of detoxing, like major tiredness and stomach cramps and etc.

    So I guess I'll keep taking them.

    I've also been experimenting with a blend of seven mushrooms. It's supposed to increase NK cell function. It seems to calm down my immune system a little bit, so that is nice.

    When I talk to Dr. Gordon on the phone, he is always surprised that things affect me in the ways opposite to what he would have guessed. He thought VIP would calm down my immune system, but it made it more touchy. He thought mushroom extract would excite my immune system, but it calms it down. Go figure.

    The curious thing is that some mushroom products haven't done much of anything to me. It's only this one liquid extract, which is vile tasting, that has a good effect. A person over at Phoenix Rising reported that only high doses of pure shitake mushroom pills helped her. Maybe there is some individual trail and error required in finding the right product.


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