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  1. Forebearance

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    Hi all,

    Well, I'm surprised to say that the MAF 878 is actually doing something. I don't really expect the treatments I try to do a lot. A little help is usually all I get from them. But this one is making a difference.

    I seem to be getting better quality sleep, which seems to be related to increased feelings of happiness and well-being. I just feel less miserable than usual.

    I've also had days of feeling grouchy and irritable, in the way that increased Vitamin D does to me. I have been taking Vitamin D also, but still very small amounts. (between 250 and 500 IU)

    The increase in Vitamin D has required me to lower calcium supplementation. I was getting too much for a while there.

    The MAF seems to be causing all the supplements I take that kill critters to pack more of a punch. I've had to stop taking a Virastop and a Candidase every night, which I've been doing for years. I'm trying to figure out a new schedule for them. They can cause insomnia now, apparently from too much die-off or detoxing or something.

    I'm still taking as much B-12 and folate as I can tolerate, which isn't a lot.

    I've been really battling fibromyalgia pain the past month. It began in my left knee. Finally the pain became less acute there but it spread out over my whole body and now it goes from my toes to my chest and also is in my lower arms and hands. What I hate most is that it makes my muscles weak. And that I can't run. Crossing the street is scary when you can only limp.

    It seems to be related to the difficulty I'm having in getting toxins to move out of me. I wish Benefiber would come back! I'm just not the type of person who would do a coffee enema. If I could take more methylation supplements, I'm sure that would help.

    Oh well. The experimenting continues. At least I don't need my cane any more. It was an interesting social experiment to have one. Some people don't see you any more. They just see the cane. Especially little kids. But it also keeps motorcycle guys from leering at you.

  2. inprog

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    Thanks, Forbearance. You are obviously sensitive in the same way as I am. I have CFS for many years now. Interesting that higher Vitamin D makes you irritable. I just re-ordered mine which is 7000 IU. I have not taken it for a long time now so maybe that is why I can sleep and feel less anxious. Will definitely note if I have problems now because I take a bunch of stuff and then slack off because I feel I am poisoning myself with supplement overload. Lately from time to time only, have taken to throwing it all in a blender except for jell cap ones with some water and "woof" it down.

    I am very sensitive to oxalic acids in foods, etc. We take Goutrol and over the counter herbal medicine that works wonders. It starts out in the left knee or left hip, our first sign. It can be toes for some people. If we let it go we can't hardly walk sometimes within a few days. Our liquid fennel extract that we took just once night for Acid Reflux caused pain in our left hip right away and a search on it reveal oxalic acid and quite a bit. So if you can get your hands on some Goutrol and the symptoms ease spectacularly and rapidly with you weeding out supplements and foods with oxalic acid, and drinking plenty of water then that is it. Would not it be nice if it was as simple as that? Spinach, chard, not good and a bunch of other stuff. Egg plant is a howl. Thank you for sharing. Don't know what MAF and will give it a look-up.
  3. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Thank you, inprog.
    So you have more than one person in your household with gout? That is too bad! I had a little bit of it in my toes one time years ago, and it was very painful. It was different than the fibro pain I am dealing with now.

  4. inprog

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    Hi Forebearance,
    I am ok if I watch what I eat and not let anything sneak up on me. My mother had gout but I would doubt she knew what brought on. She just loved Swiss Chard and that other stuff that looks like celery stalks but is reddish, Oh, yes, its Rubarb. She likely never knew that these favorite foods of hers did it. Growing up, since it was a vegetable, I did not touch it. Glad I didn't or I would have gotten gout as a child? :) I hope that you find something that eases the Fibro. Does D-Ribose help?

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