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  1. Forebearance

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    Well, it's been 70 months that I've been taking Virastop and Candidase. I'm still taking one of each every evening.

    I'm still taking a small amount of methylation supplements every day.

    I'm still taking a drop of MAF 878 yogurt every week. At this rate, any improvement will be incredibly slow, but at least I can tolerate it. I'm experiencing no bad side effects.

    Next month I may try the homeopathic form, KMAF.

    I've been fighting an infection that lives in my head and flares up when I'm in a place with bad air or am staying in a bad building. The wildfire smoke in Wyoming got me and the critter reared its ugly head. It likes to pick on my sinuses and my jaws and the roots of my teeth. But it also moves around to my ears and throat.

    The latest thing I'm trying is a Xylitol nose spray. It's like squirting sugarless gum up your nose, but it seems to be helping.

    Other experiments I've tried lately: pumpkin seeds to treat any intestinal parasites that may be lurking around. I ate a handful every day for a month and ended up just feeling some stomach discomfort. I'm taking more iodine to treat my thyroid goiter and it feels good. I tried some Curamin and it made me feel awful.

    I am visiting my home town and I'm not feeling my kidneys seize up every time I walk into a bad building. Instead I feel generally more tired and I can tell my brain's not working as well. So maybe I'm making a little progress.

    So that's the report!
  2. mbofov

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    What a journey, literally and figuratively! I wish there was an end in sight for you (and all of us!)

    I'm glad you're tolerating the MAF 878 yogurt. I take iodine too.

    I'm still crashing after exertion, although I recover more quickly now, but my activity is still rather limited to avoid carshing. I've been proceeding with a detox protocol off and on (and keep getting sidelined - got sick and had to stop etc.) but I think the detoxing is what is helping. It's a bitch - wish there was an easier way but there does not seem to be one.

    Thanks for keeping us posted!

    Take care,

  3. SherylS

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    What your detox protocol is? I have tried a few, but they seem a little harsh for me. Always looking for new detox as I think that is one of my main problems.
  4. mbofov

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    Most detoxes are harsh for me too, and I've learned to go at the lowest dose when trying something.

    The one I'm doing now (when I'm up to it!) is something called Quantum HCl detox (google Premier Research hcl detox kit). It involves two supplements: Quantum Betaine HCL and Quantum HCL Activator. The recommended dose is 1 capsule of each 3 times a day with meals. For "sensitive" individuals, they recommend 1 capsule of each product every other day. I found that even that was too much for me, and so I now take 1/2 of a capsule each every 3 days (I dissolve it in water and drink half of it), when I am up to it. It is amazing what such a small dose can do, but it does.

    I think it's helping, but I've had to stop several times because I got sick or something happened and I couldn't keep up the detoxing, but hope to get back to it.

    It's supposed to increase methyl groups somehow. My chiro gave it to me. If you read about it, and you can read about how it's supposed to work.

  5. Forebearance

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    Thanks, jam and Mary!

    I agree that detoxing helps me the most, but I can only do a lot of it when I am in a good place, mold-wise.

    The detoxing things I do, soluble fiber and methylation supps, are gradually helping my fibro knee to get better.

  6. mbofov

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    I don't know what a fibro knee is - I presume it's a painful knee?

    I have trouble with my left knee, I injured it when I was young (so long ago! :) and now it's painful. I use magnesium oil on it, and also sometimes a knee brace, and these help a lot.

    The mag oil might help you too, maybe?

    I do soluble fiber too. I don't have your mold problem, I'm not sensitive to it. I am faithfully taking the metafolin and B12 and would not be without potassium (400 mg. per day)

    Take care -

  7. Forebearance

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    Hi Mary,

    Yes, I just meant my knee which is sore from fibro type pain.

    I haven't tried magnesium oil or a knee brace on it. Thanks for the suggestions!