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    Hi everybody,

    I've made a couple trips back to my home town to see some doctors and do some shopping. The places where I feel the best are really low on civilization, so I end up feeling shopping deprived!

    My sore knee is gradually improving.

    I ran out of MAF 878. Next I'm going to try some KMAF, which is a homeopathic preparation. It will be easier for me to travel with, since it doesn't need refrigeration like the other forms of MAF. I hope it has some good effects.

    So far, the GcMAF gave me more of an energy boost than the MAF 878 did.

    Being a human guinea pig continues!

    My thyroid nodules and goiter aren't growing, so that is a good sign it's not cancerous. The increased dose of iodine is helping me feel better overall.

    I wish I could figure out how I could take more methylation supps, but I can still tolerate only tiny amounts of them. I must be missing some ingredient that would make the protocol work for me. Rats!

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    Boy do I understand that! I hope those nodules just disappear. That is scary. Thanks for your posts!!
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    I'm glad you're making some improvement - I definitely know what you mean about being a human guinea pig!

    I remember quite awhile ago you added in some potassium with your methylation supps, and you posted once that it did help you although I think later you posted that it didn't do much. But I think it really might be worth another try. I know I couldn't tolerate the methylation supplements without the potassium, because the supplements spur growth or healing, which requires extra potassium. I got very very tired when taking folate in the form of metafolin and felt like crap before I realized it was low potassium causing these symptoms. I titrated up to close to 1,000 mg. a day and now take 400 mg. daily as a maintenance dose with no problem.

    I also found that potassium citrate, which I had been taking, was irritating my urinary tract (and exacerbating a UTI), and I switched to potassium gluconate with no problem.

    I've recently started doing qigong exercises (Spring Forest, which someone on this board recommended). It has a CD with a meditation on it and a book and a DVD showing the exercises. Overall it feels like something very good to be doing. I did crash after the first session and realized I need to do the exercises sitting down and do okay that way. I believe it's theoretically possible that this may just take care of everything if I stick with it long enough. I am sooooo tired of trying new things, and they often are very expensive too! You might want to look into qigong, a $39 investment that may yield very high dividends - we'll see! It can be adapated for anyone's situation, even if they're bedridden. I've been doing the meditation and the exercises daily for 5 days now.

    The experiment continues --

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks LS!
    I haven't been writing extensively about mold related stuff in my threads lately because it's been the same old same old. If you go back to 2008-9 there is a lot of mold related discussion going on.

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    Thanks for the suggestions as always, Mary.
    Good luck with your qigong!
    I have done a little bit of it.

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    Thanks, Jam!
    I do take Armour, but not enough. I'm working on increasing the dose gradually.
    The MAF is supposed to help cure CFS, but at the same time I've been trying it, my thyroid function has declined a lot. I don't know if it's caused by the MAF, or if it's just age related.