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    More notes on the Flor Essence detox tea:

    The effect of a half dose lasted 3 days on me.

    It did give me a detox headache. I'm one of those people who needs extra molybdenum when detoxing to get rid of a build-up of sulphur. Thanks to Dr. Yasko and Rich Van K for sharing this info.

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    I'm glad you're liking the Flor Essence and that's good info re molybdenum. I remember reading about it (molybdenum) several years ago and how it helps with detoxing so take it regularly.

    I'm about to start something called Chem Defense by Source Naturals. It has sublingual glutathione and molyb and a few other things. I tried it a few years ago and had a rather bad reaction to it, but want to try it again and think I can tolerate it better now, as I am tolerating some other detox things much better than before. So will see - another experiment! If this works, that will be great as it is much cheaper than acetyl-glutathione. The Chem Defense is sublingual.

    Good luck with your Flor Essence! I really do think the acetyl-glutathione I took for four months did something so that detoxing is much easier for me now, so it might help you as well. I wish we were not always flying in the dark -----

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    Hi Mary!

    Yes, that form of glutathione does sound really good. I plan to try it when I can get into a more stable situation.

    Good luck with your Chemical Defense!