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  1. Forebearance

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    Hi all,

    Well, I am really puzzled. I thought that the numbness, tingling and nerve pain in my arms and hands might be because of being low on B Vitamins, but it's getting worse and the Bs aren't helping it.

    I thought it might be because of taking silica, but I stopped taking silica a while ago and the feelings continue.

    It's scary because the pain gets so bad at night that it is preventing me from sleeping. I've been getting less than 6 hours of sleep for days now. I can barely function.

    I saw a walk-in clinic doc and he told me to go see a neurologist. And he prescribed me some ketaprofen, a stronger anti-inflammatory than ibuprofen. But what is the cause of it???

    I'm scared a neurologist might tell me I am getting MS or something like that. I wonder if it is tick-borne infection that is either spreading or dying off. It feels like it could be neurotoxins. I wonder if my poisoned car is causing it. I have been trying to detox in every way I know how.

    The thing is, the arm symptoms began at the same rme my knee pain and stiffness started to go away. It's like the symptoms (and the toxins, or the critters) moved to a new location.

    So now I don't need a cane, but I can't sleep! My left arm is worse, and it feels like my left hand has arthritis. It is weak and sore and stiff. I have a hard time using those fingers to do things like open bottles.

    Man, this is terrifying. I'm camping this month and that is hard enough without additional challenges.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. Forebearance

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    One funny thing... I'm sitting in a Starbuck's as I write this. A bunch of guys from the Danish army were in here and they started singing along with Johnny Cash's song "Ring of Fire" when it came on. LOL

    You know, maybe this awful predicament will finally propel me to try Anatabloc.
  3. TigerLilea

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    I don't know how old you are, but are you peri/menopausal? I get a lot of arm and hand pain, along with my fingers going numb at night. Unfortunately, for me it is all related to menopause. My arthritis came on very quickly as I progressed through peri. Since going through this, it seems every month there is something new cropping up. :mad: And none of it is related to CFS.
  4. Forebearance

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    Hi TigerLilea,
    Yes! I'm just going through menopause right now!
    So it's related to hormones? Wow, thanks for the hint!
    I think I'll try some progesterone cream and see what it does.
    Trying a bit of estrogen will be a little bit trickier.

    Do you suppose a person's immune system changes in some way at menopause? What would make arthritis start up then?

    I tried an Anatabloc lozenge this evening. Why did they have to make them wintergreen flavored? Bleah.

  5. jaminhealth

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    Fore, is that from the "trial" purchase....the 300 ct bottle is not flavored, don't know why they did that flavor, it's not wintergreen, I don't know what it "was". I started with the trial offer.

    I'm still taking it in my 6th month, not a cure all, but a lot of positive changes for me.

    I just read all of your post and sorry to hear all your newer issues...since Abloc my hands hardly hurt at thumb has been arthritic for probably 30 yrs and in recent times, thumb was locking, it doesn't lock anymore....I keep waiting for the "lock" and it doesn't happen....this all since Abloc.

    Don't know if it can help you, it doesn't work for everyone, but for those who it helps, it's pretty dramatic in so many ways.....sleep for one thing, much less trips to bathroom at night, tighter gums and overall mouth health improvement....WISH it would re-structure my body. jam
  6. Forebearance

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    Hi Jam, it's from a full-size bottle. I'm so happy for you about the progress you've made!
    We'll see if it works for me!
  7. TigerLilea

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    We have estrogen receptors throughout our bodies, and once our estrogen levels start going down, it affects just about every part of us. :eek: Even serotonin levels tend to decrease as estrogen decreases. I always thought of menopause as being hot flashes, night sweats, and irregular periods. I was not prepared for what I actually went/am going through. I was hit really hard with the crashing fatigue, and now at 20 months post-meno still have bad fatigue which is not related to my CFS. I've talked to several women over the past few years who have gone through this fatigue and they say it usually lasts anywhere from two to four years post. Seriously, once I'm through this, CFS won't look anywhere near as bad to me as it did pre-menopause.

    As to the arthritis, we probably already had the beginnings of it long before meno, but once the estrogen goes down, the arthritis really flares.

    If you haven't done so already, you might want to google the "34 symptoms" of menopause. It is quite an eye-opener. There is a really good web-site/forum for peri/meno, however, they got hacked back in December and they still have not been able to get rid of the malware that is infecting their web-site, so Google doesn't recommend going there, and Firefox and Chrome block the site. It's unfortunate because it is the best place to get meno info.

    I did use progesterone cream and for the first three months I felt great! I hadn't felt that good in years. However, my doctor gave me too high a dose and after that I felt horrible and it took a long time to get the progesterone out of my system. I tried it on and off for two years but never got the same relief that I got in the beginning. :(
  8. jaminhealth

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    Fore, I've always let my loz dissolve under my tongue and I have no issue with the flavor, the trial product had sucralose in it and so many complained at may still, but I'm beyond the trial.

    I just talked to my contact at anatabloc who manages my shipments and he said "some" swallow the if you have an issue with the flavor, then swallow it....but I believe for gum/mouth benefits, dissolving is best.....but know this, you can swallow. jam
  9. Forebearance

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    Thanks, you guys!
  10. mbofov

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    Hi Fore - I don't have any answers for you but just wanted to say hi. I'm really sorry to hear you've got more issues going on! Sometimes it seems that we are being tortured in very creative ways, endlessly ...

    I've never heard of menopause causing all that pain but I don't doubt what Tigerlilea says - maybe you should get your hormone levels checked?

    Hope you're doing better - take care -

  11. Forebearance

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    Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by.

    It may be that the nerve pain in my arms is my body's latest way of showing me that it doesn't like mold toxins. When I figured out that my camping mattress was bothering me, and got rid of it, the pain got a lot better.

    I'm sure replacing my car and my iPad would help a lot, too. I wish I could afford to do those things.

    I had to stop taking Anatabloc, because it made my stomach hurt. I gradually decreased my Iodex drops from six to three a day. That is just enough to keep me from feeling chilled in the evening. Apparently that is the right dose for me, because my thyroid seems to be working better. I'm actually starting to get thinner, which is greatly appreciated.

    Of course, I am also drinking two ounces of Flor-Essence detox tea every day. So it's not certain what is causing what. I wanted to commit to drinking a whole bottle of the stuff, and I have one dose left. It seems to be good for me because it's so gentle.

  12. Forebearance

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    Oh, but what if the Flor-Essence tea is loosening up toxins faster than my body can excrete them? I feel like a fool for not thinking of this earlier.

    I should know by now that I can't handle detoxing too quickly. It was probably the right dose for me to take a small amount of tea once a week, instead of 2 ounces every day. It's hard to be that patient when you want to get better soon.

    I stopped it and time will tell if the neurotoxic arm symptoms go away. Maybe I have a backlog of toxins to get out. Fingers crossed. (numb fingers)