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    Hi everyone,

    Well, I decided to try the high dose B1. Since my nerve pain in the arms keeps getting worse, and I don't know why, I feel like I have to try something.

    First day I took 300mg.
    Second day I took 600mg.
    Third day I took 900mg.
    Fourth day I took 900 mg.

    The first two days I felt subtle improvements. On the first day my nerve pain went away for an hour.
    By the fourth day I am realizing that 900mg seems to be too much.
    It feels like the B1 is affecting my thyroid. And any changes that affect the thyroid need to be very gradual, at least for me.

    I am feeling more nerve pain today (the fourth day) as well as having insomnia and chest pain last night.

    So I think I will go back to either 300 or 600mg and increase very slowly, or not at all.
    It looks like I won't be having a big moment when I suddenly feel much better. But maybe I can experience some gradual improvements from this vitamin.

    I hope everybody else who is dong it will have good results.

    In other notes, I've been missing a lot of doses of ViraStop and Candidase, because if I take it in the evening, it makes my nerve pain worse. I keep forgetting to take it in the afternoon.

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    More B1 reports:

    Day five 300mg
    Day six. 300mg
    Day seven. 600 mg
    Day eight. 300 mg

    I tried to stop taking B1 to clear it out and start fresh, but I found that on days 5 & 6 I felt so horrible that I had to take 300mg. I was extremely exhausted and had a headache all day long. Apparently it's not a good idea to stop cold turkey.

    Now I'm finally starting to feel better and I'm trying to figure out whether 300mg or 600mg is a better dose for me. Both doses make me very sleepy. Things that are good for me often have that effect. So I am finding that if I lie down and take a nap, then afterwards I can feel a bit more energetic.

    I hope that it is worth going through this. If I could just sleep all summer, maybe I could get well-er. But my lifestyle means that some days I have to have the energy to drive long distances. Hmmm. On the plus side, it looks like B1 will make me lose weight.