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    Hi you guys,

    Sorry I was absent last month. I joined my family on vacation and then got distracted by life.

    I'm continuing to take 300 mg of B1, and it is continuing to be good for my thyroid, making me get thinner and giving me strong fingernails.

    I'm continuing to look for ways to reduce the nerve pain in my arms and shoulders. I tried increasing the amount of chlorella I take from 3 tablets a day to 12. It seems to be helping. My initial theory was that maybe I have some loose mercury running around from the time I had a filling replaced. I knew chlorella was supposed to remove mercury. But since then I've learned that chlorella can bind to other kinds of toxins, too.

    I've had to reduce the frequency of taking Virastop and Candidase, because they were making my arm pain worse and I couldn't sleep. Now I take them about every four days. I wonder if they have been killing something, and the toxins have been releasing into my body faster than I could excrete them. So I'm trying to balance the critter killing and toxin removal.

    I still take 2 tablets of CitriCel daily, which is a brand of soluble fiber. I would be really happy if Benefiber caplets came back. They seem to work best on me for toxin removal.

    Other things I take for toxin removal are apple cider vinegar, blueberries, and the Vitamin Code raw B complex. Blueberries, and other berries, are loaded with folate. Because of taking these things, I haven't taken my methylation supps in quite a while. Maybe six months.

    I've been continuing to take Super Silica and I started taking Cell Food to help me deal with high altitude in August, and just kept taking it. They are just general "supposed to be good for you" supplements. I'm trying to keep my bones flexible as I get older.

    I let my calcium get too low, and stopped being able to get to sleep at night. Finally I figured out that boosting my thyroid function increased my need for calcium and magnesium, so I'm back up to around 1800 mg of calcium a day again. Maybe I should also try to increase my Vitamin D.

    Anyway, this stuff is in addition to the usual vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and critter-killers I always take. And I continue to try to avoid mold toxins as best as I can. After traveling around the upper plains states a lot, I've figured out where I would most like to settle down and I am looking for rental homes there.

    It seems like every person has a unique combination of factors that make them feel good health-wise and cultural requirements. So that determines the best place for them to live. Most of the feel-great locations are not right near a Whole Foods store, so you have to balance that out.

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    Hi Forebearance - it's good to hear from you. I was wondering where you were! Nice to hear that you had a family vacation.

    Remember how Richvank used to talk so much about glutathione? Well, I used to have a terrible time with toxins, could not tolerate chlorella or apple cider vinegar, anything that could cause a detox reaction. And now I seem to tolerate them quite well (well, I haven't tried chlorella but other things). I'm not sure why, it may have something to do with two forms of glutathione I've taken - one is acetyl-l-glutathione which is a bit pricey, I took it for 4 or 5 months and had no reaction that I could feel, and then started taking something called Chem Defense by Source Naturals, which is sublingual and has molybdenum and glutathione and is much cheaper. Several years ago I could not tolerate the Chem Defense, and now I do just fine with it. So I'm just guessing the glutathione has improved my detox capabilities.

    Anyways, I've restarted the mercury detox using ala as well as dmsa (did a separate post on this).

    Anyways, nice to have you back!

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    Hi there!

    It's always good to hear from you, Jam. Yes, I do take a lot of calcium, because my body asks for it. I know that many people with CFS don't need as much. But osteoporosis runs in my family, so maybe that explains it.

    I'm really happy for you, Mary, about being able to tolerate more things! Somehow I've never gotten around to taking straight glutathione. Maybe I should try it next. I took 3 tablets of chlorella a day for years. That's a very small amount. I was never sure if it was doing anything, but when I started taking more it did feel like it was doing something.

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    Hi Fore - from what I've read, our bodies absorb very little of most glutathione products which are sold, generally called l-glutathione, or reduced glutathione. The acetyl-glutathione is a new form which is supposed to be much better absorbed (and is also quite pricey - best price is on-line). Like I said, I took the acetyl-glutathione for 4 or 5 months at a cost of I think around $50 a month, which is a lot for me. But then switched to the sublingual Chem Defense which is much cheaper. And interestingly, no longer have the detox reaction I used to get from the Chem Defense. But muscle testing indicates it's very good for me. So something is working better. I'm not sure how it happened (wish I had an emoticom for what the heck!) but am glad it did. All I can figure is the acetyl-glutathione helped.

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    Yeah, if a glutathione product weren't expensive I would be suspicious of it. Unless I heard someone personally recommend it, like you did with the Chem Defense. That is really great that you are detoxing better!

    I think the Super Silica might be making me detox a little bit! That would be cool. I know that hot springs with silica in the water are good for me. And some people drink a brand of mineral water that is high in silica. I can't remember the name of it. Volvic, maybe?

    Good luck with your mercury detoxing!