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    Hi everyone!

    Okay, it's a new month so it's time for a new thread. I'm still messing around with B vitamins and thyroid supplements. I've been having terrible insomnia lately, and I don't know if it's being caused by revving up my thyroid too much, or by exposure to mold toxins, or by going through menopause. I'm still trying a lot of different things to try to figure out what will help.

    Right now I'm trying to cut back on the Raw B Complex vitamin. I'm taking one a day instead of two. It could be either making my thyroid function so much stronger that my minerals aren't enough to get me to sleep, or it could be making me detox too hard and get so toxic that I can't sleep.

    Applets and Cotlets have been on sale at Walgreen's lately, along with their cousins Fruit Delights, and I've been eating a lot of them. They seem to be good for the digestive system. I suspect they are loaded with soluble fiber -- maybe pectin? They are just gelatinous cubes themselves, so it would make sense. They are the very picture of soluble fiber. With nuts added.

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    hi forebearance. always good to hear your updates. sorry you are having terrible insomnia. that just makes all the other symtoms explode.

    i think i have mold problems. two of my nasal cultures have come back with mrsa and acinetobacter 1woffii. i dont know if you read my recent post. so dont want to repeat myself. but maybe you can tell me where to begin. im at a loss for how to find a doctor. i cant travel to dr. shoemaker. altho i read that he retired anyway. and any doctor that he recommended on his site, were also much too far.

    please, if you are not to tired, can you give me a few tips on how to get started. i havent read any of shoemakers books.

    today i called my alternative doctor to ask him some questions, but he hasnt called me back yet. altho i am mostly conventional. i do both.

    many thanks, joanierav

    i also love those fruit delights. yummy. so satisifying
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    Forebearance, I've had terrible insomnia since going through menopause. Sleeping seven to nine hours a night is a thing of the past for me now. Some nights I'm lucky if I get five hours of sleep. For about four months I was averaging two to three hours a night.
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    forebearance, i wanted to ask in post above, can i just ask my primary to write a script for questran , i know that is what dr. shoemaker uses ? i think thats the same as cholestyramine.

    thanks again forebearance. how has your days been with the raw B? i hope you are a bit better today.

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    tiger . the insomnia is by far the worst system. i cannot function on five hrs sleep. altho ive had many of them. then i just hit the bed and stay there for the day , when that happens. i cannot figure this sleep thing out. and god have i tried. it does wax and wane, no matter what you do. i hope yours gets better soon

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    Hi again, joanierav!

    Yes, I read your post. I don't know a lot about fighting sinus/nasal infections, and the kind you have sound very scary. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that you have mold problems. It's so common for people with our illnesses.

    I would suggest starting by looking at Dr. Shoemaker's website:

    Sure, you could try some Questran, which is a brand of cholestyramine, and see what it does for you.
    When we use it to suck out biological neurotoxins, instead of for reducing cholesterol, it's important to eat a lot of natural, healthy fats with it. It sucks out toxins that bind to fat, so it removes some fats from the body, which we need. If you don't, you might find yourself getting constipated and your skin getting dried out.

    Or, you could get some phytosterols, which do the same thing but more gently. You can buy them at health food stores, in the cholesterol lowering section, or maybe they have some here at Prohealth. I started by trying some of those, and found that they made me feel better.

    But then they were too strong for me, as was the cholestyramine, so I switched to soluble fiber for long-term use.

    There aren't any mold or biotoxin expert doctors near me, either. So I ended up doing phone appointments with Eric Gordon, who is out in California. He was really nice and he knows about both conventional medicine and alternative medicine. I recommend him, but he is really expensive.

    Since he can't prescribe things over the phone, he would give me ideas and suggestions, and then I would go to my regular doctor, who knows nothing about CFS but trusts me and Dr. Gordon, and she would prescribe things for me to try. I also took my regular doctor copies of published research about things I wanted to try, to help her feel more comfortable about prescribing them.

    So maybe you could find an article about the use of cholestyramine to treat biotoxins, and take it in to your doctor. There might be a published article on Dr. Shoemaker's website.

    Thank you for the sympathy! I have been feeling pretty terrible from lack of sleep.
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    Thank you for the info, TigerLilea. I am so sorry to hear about your lack of sleep!!!
    My mom has had insomnia since going through menopause, so it could certainly run in my family.
    But it is really hard for me to handle. I usually sleep 10 hours a night! Even before getting CFS I did. Like joanierav, I have trouble functioning on five hours of sleep.

    I am starting to sleep a little bit longer since cutting back on the B Complex. Maybe it was both making me detox harder and making my thyroid function better. This could mean that Rich Van K was right. I could maybe get a lot better by taking the right kind of B vitamins for me, as long as I can figure out the proper dose.

    I really enjoy getting thinner and having better thyroid function. I just need it to happen at a pace I can handle.

    Take care,
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    Hi again,

    Well, it has been helping to cut back on the Raw B Complex vitamins. I am starting to be able to sleep more hous a night. Then I suddenly realized that I had gone about two weeks without taking any Virastop or Candidase! I have been taking them for 83 months and this is the longest I have ever gone without them in that time!

    So I accidentally did an experiment to find out what I would feel like without those enzymes. I took some again last night and felt much better within minutes. Whew. What a relief! I could feel the pain in my muscles lifting as they spread through my body.

    So now I know that I would feel much worse without them. Not that I doubted they've been helping me.
    I can't believe I forgot to take them. Major DUH.

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    hi fore. good to hear from you. i am happy that you discovered how good the enzymes were for you. i forget so many things, about supplements. like which ones helped the most and which ones hurt me. sometimes it is very easy to remember which ones, and sometimes its very hard. like at the moment i am having the wost flatulence . i stopped that when i went gluten free 2 yrs ago. now i started some new supplements, . and i have to find out which one is doing it. its only three, so it wont be too hard. and maybe its not even them. grrrr always sleuthing for stuff. i hate it.

    ok the latest is this. the environmentalist finally called and asked me a lot of questions. she ended with im pretty sure you got the acinetobactor 1 woffii in the house. and she said she would bring the agar plates to test . only a trained environmentalist can do this. . then she said she would get back to me.

    also i was able to find two doctors that deal with mold problems. and right in my area, what a stroke of luck. but first i must get the house done.

    i went on shoemakers site a few months ago. and he does recommended dcotors that he has trained. but they are far: mexico , arizona, illinois, cali. i will feel these two doctors out and see what they say. i will wait until christmas is over. im too busy now, with doctors appts. and my monthly gamma globulin infusion, its too stressful .

    i need 10 hrs sleep too. ppl think im nuts when i tell them. altho if i sleep really well and deeply, i can do 8 very easily. altho my window does close maybe 5 hrs later , lately.

    fore, we could have coffee and talk forever right? altho for me it would have to be dandelion tea. or maybe just hot water and lemon, and stir with a cinnamon stick.

    i just heard on the news that ppi's (proton pump inhibitors) cause severe b 12 lack. ive been on them for yrs. luckily ive been on the b 12 shots for yrs as well.

    keep up the good work fore, i learn so much from your posts over the yrs.

    love, joanie

    only a few more wks and things will calm down.
  10. Forebearance

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    Good luck with everything, Joanie!!!
    I'm glad my posts are helpful to somebody.
    I hope that the mold doctors near you turn out to be really good.
    Love, Fore