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    Happy New Year, everyone!!

    On Monday night I was channel surfing and came across a program about "Act Up" on PBS. In one scene, there were lots of people marching in front of the NIH with signs and chants and an effigy of Anthony Fauci's head on a stick. I had a lot of sympathy for them!

    I wish we could do something like that, but I know we are all too tired. All we have is one person, Rivka, with a sign demonstrating in front of the NIH. Bless her.

    I am holding steady on one capsule of Raw B complex a day. I am still taking Virastop and Candidase about once every 4 or 5 days. I'm trying a theory that maybe T3 will bother my teeth less than T4, so I'm trying to increase my Thytrophin dose a little and see if that helps my thyroid function. In order to increase my thyroid supplements, I may end up having to take something like Jarrow Bone Up, which really seriously builds bone strength.

    I'm out of good places to stay, so unless I can find a decent rental place it means that my thyroid function and ability to detox and ability to sleep will be affected. I'll probably stop getting thinner.

    I finally had to start taking a little fermented soy in order to sleep. It is working great. I'm making sure to also use progesterone cream, so my hormones stay balanced.

    Next I'm thinking about re-trying some PGX. It made me really constipated the last time I tried it, but that was years ago. So I may as well try it again and see what it does this time. It's really good and really powerful soluble fiber (konjak root).

    I really hope some good progress happens this year in CFS research. I hope that the new Vagus nerve infection theory pans out.

    Wishing everyone better health in 2014!
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    Hi Forebearance,
    What helped my thyroid function the most is taking selenium and zinc so I moved out of the Hashimoto's category thankfully but I did not take the high doses some recommend but plugged along at lower doses for about a year and retested. I read some of Dr. Shames's books for some ideas too. The Bone-up is a good product. My chiropractor recommended it to reverse bone loss and his wife had good luck with the product reversing the osteopenia she had so she is off the fence now. Because I was so adverse to taking so many pills with that product, I take Douglas Microcrystalline Calcium, Vitamin D3 and LEF's Super K2. The jury is out because I need to do it for longer to have a new DEXA done to see if it made a difference. As for PGX, maybe buy it from a source that you can return it and get your money back if it does what it did before. I was impressed too in what I read but when I actually took it it was worse than horrible for constipation. So I save my bottle for a really bad attack of loose bowels. It works like a charm for that.

    Thank you for the well-wishes for our new year and may you find an affordable rental.
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    Thanks for the comments, inprog! I've been taking zinc and selenium for years, but maybe I'm not taking enough. How much do you take? I really like the Now Calcium Lactate that I have taken for years. It's so interesting to know that PGX caused you horrible constipation also! I wouldn't mind except that when one is detoxing, one has to keep things moving out.

    I hope your next DEXA is good. (is that a bone scan?)

    Hi Jam! I'm glad your thyroid is doing better! Mine appears to be taking a nose dive in function with menopause.

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    Ugh, so I tried a capsule of PGX and it still made me really constipated. Then I think toxins started backing up in me, because my skin started to burn. I had to take a full 2 oz dose of Flor Essence in order to get things gradually moving again.

    I wonder how anybody can tolerate PGX?? It's just too strong for me, apparently. And I felt my teeth hurting, so I suspect it was probably sucking out too much calcium. I ordered some Bone Up to try to see if it will help my teeth issues.

    I can see why PGX is marketed as a weight loss supplement. If everyone stores toxins in fat, then a powerful detoxer like that must surely reduce body fat.

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    Well, this is kind of wild. Ever since I've been taking the Bone Up pills, I've been experiencing spontaneous detoxing. I guess this is what is happening because I've been getting detox headaches that are relieved by taking molybdenum. When I take it the headaches go away and then later it encourages elimination. I feel like I am actually getting rid of some toxins! Now I know what other people are talking about when they describe spontaneous detoxing.

    It's nice to have something good happen. I don't know if it is the calcium, or the vitamin D or vitamin K in the pills, or the balance or type of the nutrients in them. But I'll take it.

    I've also been drinking those apple cider vinegar drinks made by Braggs, but not every single day. I know they help to keep things moving, digestive-wise.

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    Hi Jaminhealth,
    Yes, I don't come here much as only a few people cover CFS on the board and lately have been babysitting for my new granddaughter. Glad to see you are on the mend. Did a bunch of thyroid book research that were saying iodine and kelp were not good for Hashi but in your case maybe it was good. I have heard it both ways, actually. I decided to avoid iodine when I can.

    Wow! the sleep formula. You are welcome! I had forgotten all about that one and had revisited Douglas Brain Calm. I also read somewhere recently that the best melatonin is 1 mg tablet cut in 1/4s and only take that. Have not tried that as for some reason way back when it was not something I could take but can't remember if I tried anything as low as that. Dido for tryptophan.
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    I take 22 mg of Zinc and 50 Mcg Selenium. I was supposed to go higher on the Selenium but I decided to just do the minimum. Yesterday I tried to take the PGX again after all maybe it will cut down my appetite in the evenings. I took it with two stool softeners and the bowels moved this morning. I took just one as they say to slowly work up. Maybe there is hope yet but only if I take the stool softeners, I think, at least for me. Yes, the DEXA is the bone scan and one of these days I will have another one. I am never anxious for medical testing somehow these days.
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    Flor Essence is good stuff. When I just retried the PGX last night, my teeth were hurting on the left side. I think it was coincidence I hope. I might have gotten too aggressive with the floss.
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    I did have some kind of side-effects with Bone-up but can't remember what it was. I just remember I thought I would never get through the bottle. Maybe headaches. Vinegar drinks are good and for acid reflux if you have that. I added a slant pillow and it helps plus DGL Jarrow and Mastic Gum on occasion.
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    Interesting, inprog! Thanks for the comments.
    I haven't ever tried mastic gum. I know I can't tolerate DGL, but it helps a lot of people.
    I'm on my second bottle of Bone-Up and am still loving it.
    I'll write more in a new thread for February.