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    Happy February to anyone who reads this!
    It has sure been a wild winter for some parts of the country.
    I am managing to survive in a less than perfect hotel. At least I have heat and a bed.

    I'm still trying to increase my thyroid supplements. I decided to try increasing the Thytrophin PMG because I thought that maybe T3 would be less hard on my teeth than T4. So far, so good.

    I found that I needed a little more iodine when I increased my thyroid supps. I was getting chilled in the evenings. Now I take an extra drop of iodine in the late afternoon and it prevents the dip in thyroid hormones. But I have more respect for the danger of overdosing on iodine, since too much was as bad for me as too little is.

    One day recently I accidentally took 1200 mg of Co Q-10 instead of my usual 600 mg. Now I don't want to take any less than 1200 mg! I love love love that supplement. It's one of the most expensive supps I take, but it is also one of the most worthwhile. I can feel the effects on the same day that I take it.

    I was climbing a flight of stairs without stopping to rest. And I walked by a Yankee Candle display in a store without feeling a pang of pain. And it makes my brain really happy. So if I can afford, it I'll continue to take that higher dose.

    (Please don't suggest ubiquinol to me. I've tried it and can't tolerate it. It makes me so sleepy and tired that I can't take care of myself.)

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    Happy February! And we got Valentines day in there too somewhere. :)

    I wonder if those with ME just can't take the ubiquinol. That is same for me. Also I can take L-lipoic acid but not the R- form. Wasn't sure I am supposed to post on your previous thread but wanted to say that if I recall Bone-Up has Silica in it in the form of Horse Tail herb. Are these the same? I don't know but silica is linked to autoimmune and I sure have great difficulty with supplements with silica in them and Horse Tail too. The latter, Horse Tail, causes a severe demineralization for me moving me into a hyponatremia state that will get me in the hospital if I persist. I also cannot drink distilled water for more than a week with the same reaction, drink filter water through those Brita filters for longer than a week or use those Fleet Enemas in preparation for a Sigmoid bowel exam. Fleet actually has a warning label on their unit not to be used by those with a tendency towards hyponatrema and hypokalemia. Also wanted to add that my form of PGX is Ultra Matrix PLus Smooth Digest and wondered if that was the one you had.

    That is interesting about the COQ10. I have never tried anything higher than 100 mg because of cost. Maybe I could even forgo my every three or four day heparin shot if I went higher with the COQ10. Imagine I would not have to sit down on the side lines in going up hills walking. I am better if I take the heparin shot.
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    Hi inprog!

    I did have to cut back the Co Q-10 to 1000 mg a day because it started to make me sleepy!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your problems with getting de-mineralized. I don't think I've had that happen to me. So far the Bone Up seems to be agreeing with me okay!

    I hope you had a good Valentine's Day with some chocolate involved if you can eat that!