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    Hi everyone,

    I've had a bad cold the past week or so. It acted like a bad sinus infection at first. I usually use a box of tissues when I have a cold. With this one, I'm on my fourth box of tissues, so far, because the phlegm is like glue and won't drain out of my sinuses! Lots of fun.

    But I am grateful that I get about one cold a year these days, which was what I used to have before CFS.

    I have been increasing my Thytrophin PMG pill, which is T1, T2 and T3. It looks like it might help support my thyroid without wrecking my teeth. It was just a hunch that maybe it would help more than increasing my Armour thyroid pills. I'll find out when I get my next TSH test if it is really helping. But I feel better and a hair thinner.

    I tried a pill of SOD one day this week, because I was out of milk thistle and I wanted to support my liver so I could sleep. I've found that my liver is very involved with being able to fall asleep. It seemed to boost my thyroid function a lot! So that is food for thought. I will try more experiments with SOD in the future when I am in a stable state.

  2. Forebearance

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    It's my 24th anniversary of getting the illness (mono) that turned into CFS.
    Woo hoo! (not)

    I'm thinking about stopping my monthly updates on my "Forebearance's threads".
    There are so many forums for me to check and keep track of these days.
    And nothing much exciting is happening to my health progress.

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    Hi Forebearance - I have not been on the board for awhile but would be sad to see you go. I do enjoy your monthly updates.

    Do you think the Thytrophin PMG is better than Armour?

    And are you saying the SOD boosted your thyroid? Or is it all a work in progress, to be determined? :)


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    Hi Forebearance,
    I am sorry you will be giving up your threads but understand. There are not many CFS-ME people here and there are other boards that serve that. I understand though you did not really say that. I don't post often and when I do, well your other threads are closed. I am just late. I have CFS-ME since 1986. I never had much of any fibro symtoms. I am wishing you the best. Things change. I like Pro-health for its research articles on things. I have friends with fibro too so I sometimes research here on their behalf. They are not computer savy. But everyone has their own fate so my good advice gleaned here is never even tried in most cases. :) I have nice links to share for ME but we can't share them here. House rules. I always forget what I am supposed to do and not do here. Short term memory would help lots for that to remember what I have been told before and before that. We have to do what is good for our immune system and some of that is in not reference to our supplements. Part of it is what parts of the brain are damaged and to optimize functioning of what we have left. Glutathione levels for me are zero in the past so I am working on that.
    Wishing you the best.
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    Hi Mary!

    It's so nice to hear from you!

    Oh no, I don't think Thytrophin PMG is better than Armour. It's just a different thing. I still take Armour also. If you were to take only Thytrophin PMG then you wouldn't be getting any supplemental T4, which is the long-lasting, storage form of thyroid hormone.

    I do know someone who takes only T3 pills, and she has to take one every three hours. It works for her, but I don't think I could handle remembering to do that.

    So it looks like I just have to figure out what the right balance of those two supplements is for me.

    Yes, I was saying that I think the SOD boosted my thyroid function. But I should repeat the experiment to see if it happens again.

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    Hi inprog!

    Well, what has happened to me is that I haven't been very active on this board for a while. And then recently I joined the Heal Click board. They want to know everything I am doing and taking, so then it becomes a little bit redundant to post reports on another thread about what I am taking and doing. I don't have enough energy to do everything, unfortunately!

    I like the research articles and the news items here, too. I will keep checking the forums once in a while, I am sure.

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    Thank you, Forbearance, for your kind response. It takes a lot of energy to research and even more to type on boards. I so understand and it is that for me. Thank you for the mention of Heal Click board. I will check it out down the road. I currently am investigating that my ME is really Encephalitis that I got years ago. After joining a board for that, a number of members had night terrors before their E. I have many symptoms post E in common with them.I was fortunate not to have gone unconscious and brought to a hospital in a coma as a few have had to do. The result is the same, depending on the area of the brain that was damaged by the viral attack. It is not well understood and maybe I was better off not being taken to the hospital by my spouse at the time. For some, without hospitalization, they would have died. In any event what we are left with is a brain the functions differently with sensitivities to medication and a lot of supplements so that I have to test them one by one. I am wishing good internet times on your visits to other boards and don't get too "typed out now. :)