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    Hi all,

    Well, my life these days is all about getting mycotoxins out of my body. As well as anything else that has accumulated in the last 18 years while I've been sick.

    I am all settled into my new temporary apartment. I'm trying to figure out where to go next. It may be a good time to make a major move. I have started all over with new possessions, so I hardly have anything to move!

    I have been taking soluble fiber because it is the gentlest way I know to remove bile from the body. The mycotoxins are bound up in the bile, and so removing bile removes the toxins.

    Then my liver grabs more fat out of my bloodstream to make new bile. When that happens, I have a couple hours of feeling less poisoned, and man does it feel wonderful. Eventually my fat cells seem to release more fat & toxins into my bloodstream, and then I go back to feeling more like usual again.

    Usual for me is achey and miserable, all over. I'm so used to feeling that way that it is pretty shocking when the pain stops and I feel good for those couple hours.

    One night I added a spoonful of Limu to my usual soluble fiber (a Benefiber caplet). Limu is a fruit juice and brown seaweed drink. Brown seaweed is another type of soluble fiber that is supposed to be good at drawing poisons out.

    The next day, it felt like the usual detoxing effects were amplified. And my liver ached a little bit. I think maybe it was a bit much for me. I can only detox as fast as my liver can handle it. So I think I'll try the Limu separately from the Benefiber next time.

    As it is, I take soluble fiber every other day to give my liver and digestive system a day off in between detoxing sessions.

    The Methylation Cycle Block supplements have been extremely helpful during this time. They keep my digestive system moving. The soluble fiber slows it down a lot.

    So everything is going along well and as expected. Dr. Shoemaker's theory seems to fit me very well.

    But yesterday I did have an unusual experience. I suddenly started feeling really bad, really tired. I also felt really depressed for a few minutes.I guess it was a "crash". It was the first time I've ever experienced something like that. My CFS has been very steady and predictable up til now.

    I'm trying to figure out what could have caused the crash, so that I can avoid it in the future. Possible culprits are:

    A delayed reaction from the Limu?
    Liver exhaustion?
    Being around my old, mold-contaminated computer for 24 hours?
    Going into a Sears store? (or one of the other stores I went into yesterday)
    Eating a big hunk of watermelon?

    If my crash was caused by toxic mold exposure, then I may have experienced my first "mold hit". I've heard other people who are recovering from mold poisoning talk about getting mold hits.

    In general I am feeling really relieved and really grateful to have done Dr. Shoemaker's panel of mold poisoning blood tests, and to have some answers about what is happening to me. It gives me a lot of hope for the future.


    P.S. I am not sure how the Virastop fits into this picture, but my gut instinct is that it has been helpful. I'm still taking it, but only about once a week as a maintenance dose. I think I have enough to deal with right now without adding in a lot of virus killing.
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    Hi Forbearance. You're not taking cholestyramine? It supposedly binds best to toxins. Do you know how well benefiber binds?

    Anyway I think you got a mold hit.

    I've lessened my mold exposure and threw out my bed, and am sleeping on nontoxic camping mats (3 piled up) for the time being, in the process of organizing a wool-filled futon/bed and thinking about a frame etc.

    Anyway, with less mold exposure I notice MORE chemical sensitivities that probably I was existing with all along. For instance, the laundy room in my building is just totally contaminated by everybody using 3x concentrated scented soaps with fabric softener, plus liquid fabric softener, plus bounce dryer sheets. I now can't use any washer there without contaminating my clothes as all the washers now REEK of this stuff everybody is constantly using (and NYC has *soft* water!!!). This stuff is not just perfume, it has powerful chemicals and stuff to make the chemicals and scents stick to everything. Anyway the upshot of that is, that I run my stuff through several washes and rinses with vinegar and now I am noticing that I react to some things. But I am notcing that because I am less exposed, and so, some symptoms I was having are lessened and I notice when they come back.

    Well the same thing with mold. I went to a theater, matinee performance and as soon as I walked in the building could smell the mold. Theater buildings are old and moldy anyway, here in the city, and then I'm told they use fiberglass ducting in the a/c system so it will be quiet and that tends to grow more mold. Anwyay I could smell it. By the end of the performance I had a mild headache and felt parched/dry mouth. By that night I had a migraine that lasted all next day and I threw up.

    So it was either your computer or Sears imo.
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    Thank you for the opinion, Jen! I appreciate it.

    All the Moldies say that once you begin to get the mold poisons out, you become much more sensitive to them. So it would make sense that I would have a mold hit now, after starting to detox.

    Right, I'm not taking cholestyramine, and I doubt I ever will. It would be WAY too strong for me.

    I tried phytosterols, which are the next step up in strength from soluble fiber, and they were too strong for me. They made me feel really de-greased.

    I need to do what my body can handle, and so far the Benefiber caplets have been effective. I want to find that happy medium where I am detoxing nicely but not having bad side-effects. I believe I have found it.

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    Oh dear. I had another thought. What if my current apartment or the back hallway of this building gave me a mold hit?

    Argh! That would be really inconvenient and expensive to have to move right this minute.

    I would like to manage to stay here until August, when I can go apartment hunting in another town.

    What happened to me in my previous, mold-infested apartment, was that taking the soluble fiber and detoxing seemed to make me more sensitive to mold toxins and that made me feel worse in the poison soup atmosphere there.

    I'm still not feeling great, so I'm worried.

    I was feeling better in this apartment, until I began taking things to remove toxins.

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  5. Slayadragon

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    My body becomes more sensitive to mold when I'm taking "mold removers."

    It also becomes more chemically sensitive.

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    Thank you for that reminder, Lisa.

    My gosh, I feel awful tonight. I feel as bad as I did when I lived in my moldy apartment. Really CFS-y. Really tired and out of it.

    It feels like once I removed some toxins from my body, my fat cells went ahead and dumped a bunch more toxins. This totally sucks!!!! I hate that I have to feel so poisoned in the process of getting well.

    I guess one's body has a schedule and a plan of its own, and it's pointless to protest about it. I'm sure my body wants to get those poisons out as soon as possible.

    But I sure miss that honeymoon phase when I had moved but hadn't begun taking detoxing stuff yet.

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    Hi Forebearance
    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. You have been through a lot with the move - something that's hard to contemplate.

    I do hope you feel better soon & manage to detox some of those nasties.

    Best wishes
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    Aw, thank you Diva! I appreciate it.

    And duh, I just figured out that since I went to two more stores yesterday, I may have gotten another mold hit.

    This is going to mean I'll have to change my lifestyle. I'm used to going shopping as a fun activity when I need to lift my spirits. And the two stores I went to yesterday were among my favorites. I'm bummed to think that one of them might have a toxic mold problem.

    So, maybe I should start going to just one store a day.

    I wish I were better at feeling the toxins when I first walk into a store. I can't tell yet if I'm being affected by a place until long afterwards, when it's too late.

  9. Slayadragon

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    Shopping at any kind of large store (even the nicest department stores) is a very very bad activity for Mold Warriors. Thank God for eBay.

    I was disappointed to find that both PF Chang and Cheesecake Factory near me were really problematic. I don't know what it is about those big commercial-chain buildings. I suppose I shouldn't be eating there anyway, but that's beside the point.

    The bummer is that bookstores are all really bad. I don't know if it's just the books or what. Books are not good possessions for mold warriors. I now have only a few books, which I am storing either in one of the closed cabinets in the kitchen or my car. I get rid of them as soon as I've read them, which means that my current library (including the several mold books) totals about 10 volumes.

    The Trader Joe's near me seems to have somewhat of a mold problem. That is just wrong, but obviously they don't know it. Whole Foods seems fine (so far anyway).

    Erik said that he got really delayed reactions (by several hours) when he first started avoiding mold. Mine never did that. I suppose it's better that way.

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    Thanks for the moral support, you guys!

    Was the homeopathic that you took for mold allergy, Kelly? That is a different thing than mold poisoning. I would be happy to try a homeopathic! I was under the impression that you couldn't take them if you were eating mint and citrus, and I was unwilling to give up those things, so I've never tried them.

    Oh wow, Rescue Remedy works on MCS symptoms? That is one thing I haven't restocked yet since moving. I usually use it for phobias. (going to the dentist, etc.) I'll get some and try it.

    Thanks for reminding me to take more Vitamin C. Of course I should remember that since it has worked so well for Lisa!

    I'm glad you think it's not my apartment that is causing my problems.

    Yeah, Lisa, I was at a large swanky department store and then a large electronics store. I didn't notice the fatigue until I had been at the electronics store for about half an hour. Then I suddenly realized, Oh, I need to go home NOW. That feeling brought back memories of the way I was pre-move.

    That IS a bummer about your PF Chang and Cheesecake Factory. I usually get take-out from my Cheesecake Factory, on the rare occasion I go there. It's a noisy environment and I get sensory overload in the restaurant part of it. Their Thai Lettuce wraps are great in take-out form. (I haven't been there since moving, though.)

    If you could just get someone from there to bring food out to you at the curb!

    Yeah, that is really too bad about the bookstores. I have 4 whole books right now! I haven't noticed them bothering me.

    I am slogging through "Mold: The War Within". The first few science and hurricane Katrina chapters are so dull and repetitious. It's really trying my concentration.

    I've got "Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome" on my coffee table, waiting in line.

    Is Trader Joe's a health food store?

    I went to the swanky department store to get more Crocs yesterday, because unfortunately running things through the dishwasher does not seem to have worked on most of my items. My old Crocs burned my feet even after dishwashing, so I put them in storage.

    Oh, it's nice to know that Erik got delayed reactions at first. Maybe someday I'll figure out what my personal hints are that I'm being poisoned.

  11. Slayadragon

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    Cheesecake Factory actually _does_ have curbside service at this mall. And I suppose that the food wouldn't have been exposed to the spores in the air for long enough to get really aggressively poisoned just while it was being cooked, hmm? Well, maybe one day I'll give it a try.

    Those do not sound like good stores to me.

    I was wondering about you and all that dishwasher-ing. I'm suspicious that it ever will work for me, though maybe one day. I'm not counting on it and thus am selling everything I can.

    The interesting part of "The War Within" for me was the back part, where she interviews the mold experts. It's all background, but possibly useful.

    The chapters that mention fish oil and Udo's Oil were interesting to me. (They claim to have gotten such a strong reaction to Udo's Oil that they could only use a little bit at first.....they're the only person other than me who I've heard of getting a big detox to it.)

    They spend a whole chapter on noni but don't give much info. I just bought it because I hadn't found many options at that point.

    I wonder why they benefited from all that carrot juice. I would say that it supplied glutathione, but I don't know that glutathione is that helpful with biotoxins.

    I think that stuff about the Amway vitamins is weird, especially the reasons they give. Like, the reason they thought the garlic was good was because it contained peppermint oil. (I actually bought a bottle of those though. They were cute and the peppermint taste was nice. Garlic doesn't really help me though. One of my gut analyses said all my bugs were resistant to it.)

    Then they recommend 500 mg of Vitamin C with acerola, which to me seems absurdly low. I don't see how anybody with a serious toxic illness can survive on that dose. I don't think I've ever taken less than 4 g since I've been sick.

    If you buy any of those concentrated fruits and vegetables from Amway, let me know. They sure seem to like them.

    Stay away from formaldehyde, including pressed-wood furniture.

    There, that's all the info from the book. No need to read it any more (except the interviews in the back).

    (Sorry to have given away the plot!)

    Mary Beth's book is a more efficient use of one's time. I hope that your eyes get better enough to start reading something fun though!

    Trader Joe's is sort of like Whole Foods but with the healthy part subtracted from it. My new thing from them is almonds covered with chocolate and then dipped in a sugar/salt mixture. They also are the home of "Three-Buck Chuck," an everyday table wine that gets pretty good reviews and that I use for cooking. So I guess it's not that ironic that they would have mold there. Just because a place is frequented by Yuppies does not mean it needs to be mold sensitive.

    (I've yet to go to a Whole Foods that's bothered me at all though. Or a Starbucks. The managements of those companies actually may know about mold, even. I have some stock in both of those companies and the economy's not really moving in a way favorable to them, and so it's nice to think that they're positioned well for when people wake up and realize that mold is something to avoid.)

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    Hey Lisa,

    Thank you for the summary of "The War Within". I appreciate it!

    A lot of the book seems to be trying to convince people that this problem is real; that mycotoxins can cause serious human illness. They don't have to convince me of it.

    That stuff about Amway vitamins seemed weird to me too. I skimmed it.

    Oh, thank you for explaining Trader Joe's. So it's like yuppie heaven?

    I'm really glad that Whole Foods stores are safe. Mine seems to be safe, too. That's great that the stores you own stock in are mold-free!

    Also, my local Walgreen's and Target don't seem to bother me, so that is fortunate. I kind of need to be able to go to those stores.

    I'm feeling better this morning. I think I'll avoid stores for a while and just enjoy it.

  13. Forebearance

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    Here are some misc. things that have been happening to me since I began detoxing from mycotoxins:

    I'm getting thinner. (that one was expected)
    I have more saliva! hee hee
    My hair is thicker. (it's getting close to being back to normal)
    I can handle hot, humid weather with less discomfort.
    I can do math in my head as well as I ever could again.
    It's been ages since I paused to think of a word while talking to someone.

    One thing I notice that is really striking:
    When people discover they have toxic mold in their home, it always seems like nothing significant at first.

    I honestly thought the stain on my carpet was no big deal. I had to really shift my thinking to consider the possibility that it could be a big deal. It was just so unbelievable.

    I remember when Lisa discovered hers, it was just a little back smudge on a wall. Hardly anything visible!

    And now someone else I know found "a few black spots" under her sink, and they turned out to be Stachy. It's really fortunate for her that she took them seriously and had the mold tested.

    Considering how easy it is to overlook something that seems so insignificant as a smudge or a discolored spot, you could almost say that the presence of a person with CFS or FM in a household is a better indicator of a potential mold problem than finding visible evidence of mold.

    I mean, Dr. Shoemaker thinks, after seeing 6000+ patients, that the vast majority of people with CFS have either Lyme or Mold poisoning. So I hope everyone checks their baseboards and under their sinks for innocent looking little "spots".

    In all the cases I know about, including my own, the visible part of the mold was the tip of the iceberg. The whole wall next to the stain on my carpet probably has toxic mold in it, since the water leak had to soak under that wall to get to my apartment. ugh. My poor landlord.


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  14. Forebearance

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    Well, I had to take my own advice.

    Lately I've been getting a sore throat around bedtime. I just figured out that it's been caused by the two little spots of "mildew" in my shower. As soon as I scrubbed them, my sore throat went away.

    Maybe it wasn't innocent mildew after all. Now that I think about it, those black spots grew a lot faster than mildew usually does....

    (insert ominous music here)

  15. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Oh, that is very interesting, grammy27! Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    Wow, so the Limu caused a big effect in you. It did in Lisa, too. I haven't tried a second spoonful of it yet. I'm trying to get things stable and steady before I do it again. It's good to know that additional liver support and the silver helped you. (Is that a brand of colloidal silver?)

    I have a bottle of colloidal silver nose spray that I haven't used yet. It's another thing that I'm planning on doing when I have a clear space, health-wise.

    You know, taking soluble fiber seems to be upsetting some thing or things that live in my digestive system. It's like I'm changing the environment down there, and something is not too happy about it.

    A couple nights ago, I was feeling odd. I think it might have been indigestion. I took a Virastop and a Candidase together and got a horrific stomach ache. It felt like a big battle was going on. It was so painful it brought tears to my eyes.

    The next morning I was all better.

    But now today my stomach hurts, which is unusual for me. I think I'd better buy some colloidal silver that is meant for taking orally.

    I hope you feel better! It must have been scary to see yourself swell up like that.

  16. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    The "seaweed lady," Dr. Mary Beth Short-Ray, wrote me saying that all her mold patients have a hard time with the Limu. She advised that she's seen detox on this stuff go on for a year, and that she thinks it's more potent than cholestyramine.

    She thinks it's targeting mold in particular because people who don't have that problem can generally take it with no difficult reaction whatsoever.

    I took about one ounce last night. I also ate some kind of seaweed on a macrobiotic plate at a sort-of health food restaurant, and so I don't know if that counts as extra. In any case, I've had a hell of a time with the detox today.

    I think I'm going to stick with a tablespoon per day for a while and see how I do on that. I'm tired of making myself feel worse!
  17. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Thank you for all the silver info and the sympathy, grammy27!

    I'm glad your swelling is still decreasing. It sounded like the psyllium helped you after taking the Limu. Do you feel like it did?

    I'm going to try another Virastop + Candidase tonight and see what happens. You could be right -- it could very well be an enterovirus living in my digestive system. Or some other critter. I guess I won't know. And I'm not sure that I care that much what it is, exactly.

    Aw, Lisa, I'm sorry to hear about your hard time with detoxing today. I hope things look up tomorrow.

  18. jenbooks13

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    I'd been interested in this as a substitute for heparin which works in babesia. I speculated it might work similarly (babesia will bind to the sugar in heparin rather than the sugar on your blood cells). I was just going to get fucoidan itself, not an MLM product. I see Andrew Weil is against Limu and the health claims and at one point the FDA came down on the manufacturer for all their extraordinary health claims.

    What are people using it for? I wonder why mold people would have problems with it. Maybe the seaweed itself was a bit moldy when sourced? I have to be careful about dried seaweeds sometimes they are moldy.
  19. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    I hate MLM companies also, both because of the model of business and because they tend to be annoying. This Limu company left a pre-recorded message on my cell phone!

    The theory of why brown seaweed works is the same as why cholestyramine works. Supposedly one of the components in it attaches itself to mold toxins (and other toxins) and removes them from the body.

    At this point, more toxins are supposedly released from the fat cells. One simple explanation is that the control system of the body "knows" that the body suddenly has figured out a way to get rid of toxins and thus releases a whole bunch more so that they can be eliminated in the same way. Dr. Shoemaker has a slightly more complex (if still hypothetical) theory for this, which can be found in the chapter on herxing in "Desperation Medicine."

    (This is not really a herx, but an "intensification reaction." Herx is technically only used for bacterial die-off.)

    I've never had any response like this to any other product (except cholestyramine), and I thus don't believe that it's due to contamination. Especially since I only took one ounce of it!

    Here is the description of what seaweed does from the site This is by the author of "Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome," by Dr. Mary Beth Short-Ray.

    I really like this book and would donate a copy to every CFS sufferer on the planet if I had the money to support this particular cause. (Giving it to some research organization seems like it would be a horrible waste.) Insofar as almost everything I know about toxic mold, it is accurate. The only exception is when she talks about how black mold needs a steady source of water in order to keep growing. This is not, to my knowledge, true. My understanding is that it needs a significant amount of water to _start_ growing, but then after that it can grow just fine on any cellulose (wallboard/drywall, hair/skin/fiber lint, etc.) insofar as the humidity is above 60%.

    What I really would like to do is the following:

    1) Have someone else (like my doctor) a randomly selected set of 10 CFS sufferers and 10 non-sufferers (of CFS or any other "mysterious" disease like MS, Alzheimer's, severe depression, etc.).

    2) Personally visit all 20 homes without knowing which ones had the CFS sufferers in them. Note whether my system is telling me there is a significant amount of mold there, based on increases in my heart rate, blood pressure, and overall well-being sense. I can tell this within five minutes or less of entering a dwelling.

    3) Ask each of the CFS patients and non-CFS patients to take a small amount of brown seaweed and see if they have a negative reaction.

    4) Have each of the CFS patients and non-CFS patients to take Dr. Shoemaker's panel of lab tests, which he says signify mold exposure as well as well-being.

    If indeed toxic mold is at least in part responsible for some or all CFS cases, then all three of these measures (black mold in the dwelling, seaweed reaction and lab tests) should have different rates of prevalence/scores in CFS patients vs. non-patients. (Supposedly only 3% of homes have black mold in them, and so the likelihood that any randomly selected home would have it would be pretty low.)

    Of course, even if mold is an issue for some sufferers, it might not be growing in their homes. Perhaps they were affected at a previous or current job, or at a previous dwelling. However, insofar as they carried spores from one place to another on clothing and other belongings, it still should be possible for me to sense it a little bit. And in any case, the purpose of the study would be not to determine whether black mold is present in all CFS sufferers but whether it is significantly more prevalent.

    My doctor thought this was kind of a nifty idea, but I don't know that I can persuade him to actually do it. First I need to get him to start running the tests on a significant number of patients to see how they work out. He's supposed to be meeting with the rep for the lab that runs the tests this week, and so hopefully that will happen soon.


    I think one of the best black mold remedies (mold removal substances) is brown seaweed. Seaweed has been used for centuries for toxin removal from the body. The alginates in seaweeds have been known for many years to be toxin binding substances.

    Brown seaweed is a black mold remedy that worked for me. At 6 to 8 months following my leaving the mold contaminated building, a lot of my symptoms were already gone. But a few still lingered on. I still had some lingering anxiety and a shaky feeling. After 2 weeks of taking the brown seaweed extract, the shaky feeling was completely gone and the anxiety was gone as well. So I was sold. I still continue to take brown seaweed every day because I feel healthy on it and I believe it is still working to detoxify my body of the mold toxins as well as other toxins encountered daily.

    Also, brown seaweed is effective in many of my mod toxic patients. Many report feeling better with it, although if they are really loaded with mold toxins, they initially feel worse on the limu which is expected. Why is it expected? Well, all the mold toxin removal substances cause a worsening of symptoms because as you pull out the toxins, you are mobilizing toxins out of deeper tissues into the bloodstream. In some cases I have noticed that symptoms seems to get much better once you have been on it for a few weeks. But for others recovery may take months to years.

    What is this brown seaweed supplement? The one I use is called LIMU MOUI. The word Limu Moui basically means brown seaweed in the language of the people on the island of Tonga. It is a seaweed that grows deep in the pristine Pacific ocean waters off the island of Tonga. For centuries the native people of Tonga have eaten this brown seaweed and attribute their unusual longevity, excellent health, strength and stature to regular consumpton of this brown seaweed.

    The two main components of this brown seaweed are fucoidan and alginate. Fuicoidan has been studied extensively. There are over 650 research studies on fucoidan in the scientific literature which can be accessed by searching Fucoidan is a carbohydrate called a complex polysaccharide. It is composed mostly of fucopyranoside and natural sulfate. It also has trace elements of galactose, xylose and glucoronic acid.

    Fucoidan has been shown to help with;

    improving immune system function

    relieving stomach problems


    improving liver function

    inhibiting blood clotting

    reduction of free radicals

    reducing cholesterol levels

    improvement of skin health

    lowering high blood pressure

    lowering blood sugar levels in diabetics

    fighting cancer

    fighting inflammation in the body

    removal of toxins from the body

    Alginate is another very important component of Limu moui. Alginate, along with fucoidan too, naturally absorbs heavy metals, radioactive heavy metals, toxins and free radicals. Once bound to alginate and fucoidan these toxins do not get reabsorbed back into the body, but get excreted out into the stool. It is a perfect way to elliminate toxins from the body because it just removes them instead of having to rely on the detoxification abilities of one's body. As a holistic physician I am well aware of the fact that some people have better detoxification function than others. So a product such as this that pulls toxins out of the body is very important for maintaining health.

    I know there are alot of healthful nutritious properties to limu moui but I still hold to my belief that its main benefits are that of toxin removal. I believe that so much of illnesses today are due to a build up of toxins in the body. Some of these toxins, the body just does not know what to do with because the toxin is a man made chemical that the body has never seen before. (ie: plastics from water bottles or heated plastic in the microwave)

    Other biotoxins like mycotoxins may not be elliminated by some people due to a glich in their detoxification system. This is discussed in detail in my book "Surviving Toxic Black Mold Syndrome" . Briefly, studies have shown that one quarter of our population experience toxic black mold symptoms upon exposure, while the other three quarters do not.

    Studies have documented the toxin binding ability of alginates in seaweeds. They have shown that alginates bind to endotoxins, a class of natural organic toxins to which mycotoxins belong.

    These studies have been done involving purification of alginates to be used in human tissue transplantation. The alginate naturally binds to endotoxins and other toxins in the environment and has to be removed by a special purification process. They have to purify the alginate so it can be used in the tranaplantation of cells.

    So, brown seaweed (ie Limu Moui).... binds mycotoxins by binding to the alginate in the seaweed and since alginate is never absorbed into the body it pulls the toxins out of the body via the stool.

    In fact, one reason why Limu Moui is harvested in the deep South Pacific ocean waters off the coast of the island of Tonga is because the water there is very clean and there is the least amount of environmental toxins bound to the limu moui that they harvest there.

    Some people have asked if environmental toxins like heavy metals can be present in seaweed. Studies show that seaweed may contain minute amounts of environmental toxins. But consider the fact that seaweed is very low on the food chain in the ocean and that fish and seafood are higher up on the food chain and thus concentrate a lot more toxins from the environment. Also, consider the fact that studies have proven that the alginates in seaweed are strong chelators of heavy metals and actually bind tightly and pull heavy metals out of the body. If alginates bind so tightly to heavy metals in the gut why is there any reason to believe that suddenly alginate would release a heavy metal already bound to it.

    Seaweeds have been used therapeutically for centuries to help with many ailments . Their effects have been beneficial and healing rather than harmful, so it makes more sense that any minute amount of toxin in the seaweed is not bioavailable (that is bound so tightly to the unabsorbed alginate that it could not be absorbed into the body).
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    jenbooks13 New Member

    Lisa, thanks for all that info! I'll check out the book if I get a chance.
    I was going to take modifilan--similarly, it even is a good chelator I believe. I never got around to it. I'm just starting with ImmunFactor 2 and it made me feel like I had a flu on the second day. I think I will only take it 3x week. I don't need to feel like a flu every day. That is for strep staph and e coli and I'm convinced I have those low grade.

    I know I have mold issues--your posts really convinced me. I tested my grout mold. The grout on my bathroom tile only grows cladosporium (sp) to which I am allergic but is not toxic, so bleaching it is okay. Don't know if toxic black mold is behind the tiles or in the dry rot in the small bedroom I now never use. Haven't tested them yet--worried about moving spores all over the place.

    I'll look into this. What do you think of modifilan?

    Just may be that you're detoxing more than mold with this stuff, that's all.

    P.S. Lisa do you ever react when you go to Broadway plays? I went to The Country Girl (Morgan Freeman) a few weeks ago. It was at Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre (242 West 45th Street). Just walking into the lobby on that hot rainy Sunday the a/c smelled like mold to me. I really reacted over time. I enjoyed the performance but noticed I was getting a mild headache and feeling dry/parched mouth. By night time I had a migraine that lasted a day. I have a susceptibility to migraines with lyme disease, that I never had before. Nonetheless I'm sure the mold triggered it. I know you love theater and wondered, as I find some of those wonderful old theaters very moldy.[This Message was Edited on 07/10/2008]

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