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    Hi all. There is a theory that the EBV virus, HHV6 virus, and others, activate some human endegonous retroviruses (HERV) and this is what causes MS, CFS, etc.

    Have you guys read about this? K. Loomis emailed me about it.

    I guess there would not be any tests or treatment available anytime soon if this was the case because they are just starting to study it.

    Since i am not showing reactivation of EBV i am wondering if this is what happened to me.

    She also mentioned that EBV can cause an immune deficiency on its own.


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    hello. if your EBV titres were high the last time you had them checked then i am sure there is some activity going on. you will probably respond to an antiviral i would think.

    my EBV has not shown any elevation and i have checked twice so i think i am not in a good position. (i send my blood through my GP and pay myself)

    i have stopped exercising completely for over a year so i get short of breath even if i am active for 2 or 3 i wonder how i will do the stress test too.

    i haven't seen lerner yet..i see him in early jan.

    here is a link about the HERV and some other studies taking place:

    thanks and good luck
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