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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by woofmom, Jan 20, 2007.

  1. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    There is an article in this Sunday's Parade Magazine (comes with newspaper).
  2. Cinderbug

    Cinderbug New Member

    Yes! I saw that too!

    I'm always glad to see anything to increse awareness of this D.D.
  3. foxglove9922

    foxglove9922 New Member

    The one sentence that really sticks out in my mind is:

    "Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention--which believes that as many as 800,000 Americans might have CFS but don't know it-urged doctors to consider the disorder seriously and suggested possible treatments for symptoms."

    Would love to plaster this on the physicians' offices in my area where CFS if considered taboo.

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  4. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Uh-oh, 800,000. I hope that doesn't mean 800,000 more referrals to psychiatrists.

    I remember tracking down my symptoms on the internet and coming up with "chronic fatigue". I didn't know anything about it before that. But when I told my doctor about it, he said it was bull, it didn't exist and therefore couldn't be my problem.

    I'll never forget that appointment. I had just "discovered" chronic fatigue for myself on the internet. At last, here was a name to the problem, and a full description of all my symptoms! Hooray! Now I just helped the doctor figure out what's wrong with me and now that he knows what it is he'll be able to look up what to do about it. I was so excited! Then he tells me that it is only in some people's heads. It was only after I mentioned "cfs" that he started telling me to see a psychiatrist.

    I hope doctors pay attention to what the CDC has to say about this. It would save alot of people alot of grief and disappointment.

  5. ohmyaching

    ohmyaching New Member

    I've been down that "you really need to see a psychiatrist" road. I think the CDC was in denial there for a while, but they're finally getting back to the truths of CFS as when the illness first came out. Kinda hard to deny this illness exists when the numbers of people complaining of symptoms is so high.
  6. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member

    It was rather general and vague, but at least it is getting legitimacy for being a real illness. I didn't like the big type "The cause of chronic fatigue syndrome remains unknown." I think there are many causes, and we know of several. I wish the article went into more depth about treatment. It just mentioned treating the symptoms.

    I'm still waiting for Cort Phoenix to post the conference notes on his website. He's great for getting detailed summaries of these meetings. It is free, too.

  7. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I guess this means we're mainstream now!

    I am glad about this, because now my various relatives will give me more respect. After all, it was in Parade magazine. It must be true! lol

  8. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    They (the powers that be) are gonna' do everything possible to point to causes other than chemicals.
  9. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    and I was thrilled.

    You can hardly get more "mainstreamed" than PARADE magazine. Over the decades (yes, I'm old), I've also seen sympatethic references "fibromyalgia syndrome".

    I'm not at all disappointed that they did not try to appoint a CAUSE to this condition. I repect the fact that it is unknown. I personally believe that the basic level involves a genetic predisposition (as does CDC) and whatever your "trigger" is, on top of that. (could be chemical, stress, injury, viral)

    I was just really pleased that it garnered a WHOLE PAGE of this very conservative, respectable Sunday supplement magazine. I think we're still a-ways from total acceptance (a definitive TEST) but, meanwhile, it will allow me to hold my head up a little bit higher.

    THANK YOU Parade Magazine

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