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    does anybody know how i apply for a disabled bade for my car i have cfs and sometimes legs dont work the problem is that the doctor thinks it is all in my mind even though consultant has diagonse me 6 months ago!!
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    Why not change your doctor Sara? You shouldn't have to put up with this dreadful & outdated attitiude to our very real physical illness, which has been recognised by the World Health Organisation. Perhaps your local ME group could advise you on a more sympathetic GP.

    My car badge was granted as a result of my being awarded the Disabled Living Allowance component at the highest rate. I've had it so long that I can't remember how I first applied, but ringing your local council or your Citizens Advice Bureau should get results if no-one here can help you. lol
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    Contact Action for ME in UK and find out your local support group, they can give you infor on right way to apply for benefits.
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    (Have you found the Brainfog website Sara?)
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    Hiya sara,
    I went to a dla appeal in april & luckily i won.
    Ive been awarded the high rate care & the high rate mobility components.
    I went to social srvices to ask how to apply for a blue badge.
    They said that because i get the high rate for both components im elligible for a blue badge.
    Hope this helps