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  1. tilla

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    I know there has been talk about the large number of CFS patients in the 80's that came down with CFS in Incline Village.

    I have CFS and FM and have just found out I have sleep apnea. I have found a lot of the symptoms of sleep apnea are like CFS and FM. Since I have been on oxygen, I have been able to decrease my cymbalta and feel a lot better.

    We are up above 8,000 feet here in Incline Village. I bet the breathing problem is a clue to the CFS here.

    Just a thought.

  2. Jeanne-in-Canada

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    why havent' they come down w/ pandemics then? And since Incline has always been up high, why just the 80's?

    The altitude may be a variable for some w/ apnea and coagulation disorders, sure. But similar pandemics have occurred anywhere. Ottawa is a big ole valley and we have remarkable numbers of env. disease here too.

  3. tilla

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    The reason it was just the 80s is because the doctors were looking for the cases here during that time.

  4. CFIDSNicole

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    Interesting theory, but having read Osler's Web and read what the doctors who were there went through with their patients and the description of the illnesses of the patients, including the previous health of the people who got sick, I do not think it was something as simple as sleep apnea.

    The doctors were not on a "witch hunt" for sick people; sick people came to them, and in the beginning, people came without the knowledge that other people were presenting with the same illness.

    it just doesn't make sense that only one high altitude town would have a CFS outbreak.

    Lots of people live in high altitude and are perfectly healthy, if not more healthy because of it.