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    I have CFS due to, in part, by Epstein-Barr & Cytomegalo virus. I'm taking targeted Transfer Factors and slowly recovering.
    I was hearing about Jay Kordich "The Juiceman" and Jack LaLanne about their success with juicing vegetables and fruits.

    I bought a $100 juicer for $5 at a garage sale and started juicing and got real bad (good?) herxheimer reaction. I juiced carrots/beets/cucumber called a "liver mover". I felt tired yet less depressed, thirsty and polluted, more aware of my surroundings yet swimming sort of. Wow, maybe there is something to this?

    Has anyone else had good success with juicing and CFS?
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    Dr. Herxheimer discovered that when you find a cure for an ailment, that the patient will often feel worse before they feel better. On some of the other ProHealth forums, its refered to as a "Herx" or "Herxing".

    Great, so you're juicing. Jay Kordich mentions in his book "The Power of Juicing", that after your body is cleansed that the juicing won't affect you so much. So I gather that you're juicing and you have that right?...I was hoping that I had stumbled on a permanent cure.
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    Have you been able to find the cause of your CFS. My D.O. found that mine was caused by EBV & CMV, but Coxsackie virus and HHV-6 are also listed as causes.

    My D.O. also thinks that this was initially caused by mercury toxicity. Mercury and other heavy metals can weaken the immune system, which gets the ball rolling for viruses.

    Do you have a hormonal imbalance? Low body temp? My body temp was ~95°F for decades and M.D. didn't think anything of it. My D.O. didn't like it but amazingly, after 5 months of treatment my body temp is a more normal 98.2°F on average. The D.O. says this makes a BIG difference on how my enzymes react.
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    I bought a $50 juicer at the grocery store. I figured I needed to start somewhere. I read that people should start at about 4 oz and work up. So, I started with the 4 oz and I don't know if it was a herx but I did feel sickish for the first two juicings.

    Now I am up to 9 oz. I am doing pretty much what you are doing, TF's but also upped my Enada to 15mg from 10. I talked with a friend last nite. We have only met by phone and have talked off and on for two years. She remarked that "I was so much stronger than she had ever heard me". It is usually my cognitive that gives out but my brain did me good! She was right I am so much stronger.

    My juicing is that I juice everything that I would want to each raw that day....celery, carrot, apple, some radish, dark leafy greens, garlic, slice of onion and some tomato.Also kosher salt. I make it when I make my lunch. Put it in a washed out Starbuck's coffe drink jar and shake it. Put it in the refridge for my middle of the afternoon drink.

    I do it Monday thru Friday. Otherwise, I am concerned that I will have too much of the juice taste and grow to "can't stand it".

    To Health!


    PS: Love your pic!
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    According to Jacob Teitelbaum M.D. "From Fatigued to Fantastic", viruses exist in 3 states. Active (it's rapidly spreading & contagious), Chronic (it's there but spreading so slowly that your immune system doesn't react)and dormant (resides in the spleen and spinal column as a memory of how to attack the virus).

    Dr. Teitelbaum also describes the Hypothalumus as being the thermostat of the body. His diagram shows Hypothalumus->pituitary->thyroid->T4 & T3->celluar metabolism, enzymes & HEAT.

    My neighbor is a nurse: she just recovered from EBV. Her doc told her that EBV eats away at the epitheal (skin) lining of the internal organs. Not all of them but just some of them...hence the varied symptoms. It particuliarly enjoys Thymus-a-la-king, Thyroid-a-la-carte and Hypothalumus-du-jour.

    My body temp was ~95°F but today is 98.7°F. It has been averaging above 98°F for the past 3 weeks. My conclusion is that my thermostat "chain" is healed.

    I still have fatigue and cognitive dysfunction. My nurse friend says that the fatigue is the last symptom to disappear. "One day, you will wake up and think: WOW, I was really sick!"

    My D.O. and other "web" doctors agree that "targeted Transfer Factors" are the best treatment for chronic viruses. ProHealth has a forum just on Transfer Factors...FYI.
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    Root cause analysis was taught to me by a Quality Control Engineer: it involves a tedious task of finding what causes the problem in the first place.

    My D.O. thinks that mercury could have been this Root Cause. A standard lab test has the threshold set very high since the USA doesn't want to initiate law suits on all the dental mercury fillings, pesticides, fungicides & vaccine preservatives. A hair analysis is the best test, any value >0 is worth chelating out. Cilantro (corriander) and a 50 year old drug called DMSA are your best chelators. Heavy metals take time to chelate. You should feel better with each cycle. It's recommended to chelate, rest, chelate etc. I'm also chelating.
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    Did you have any dental filling that you had to get rid of before the mercury detox? I have quite a few and I am scared to go down that road. Dr. Cheney was doing that and something went wrong and he had to have a heart transplant.


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    Have you read the posts by Rich Carlson (founder of ProHealth) and his success with juicing? (Mr. Carlson has CFS.)

    May I ask what kind of juicer you bought - brand name, that is? I just returned the Jack LaLanne juicer (his top of the line model) because the spout was too low for me and I wanted one more powerful...

    Can't wait to try that liver mover; I spent years of heavy meds and imagine my liver is in need of something like this...I have an appointment with an integrated doctor who said that I may not be absorbing nutrients, so not sure if I'd be wasting the money on a juicer until I address that.

    Thanks for your help and your post.

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    how long have u been doing DMSA? and how long before u saw the benefits?

    Also, are you seeing Dr. William Wong?

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    what heavy metals tests did u have ? I am just about to go down this road (testing for heavy metals and chelating.. depending on the results) so would appreciate any info.

    BTW, one of teh autism researchers has observed that a body with a high viral load tends to store heavy metals.

    Believe it was Jill St John.

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    As for me, yes, I read about Rich. I have had this DD so long that I remember years ago when he started ProHealth.

    So, because of him I added juicing and Mycoplus Transfer Factor. I am such a newbie at juicing so my post above describes how I do it. I LOVE it. But it really only works for low volumne juicing.

    I chose the Oster brand (now owned by Sunbeam) because of their quality products. The Oster's who invented the Oster Blender lived during the winter near me. There was a friend of mine who was newly diagnosed with MS and Mrs. Oster told her to NEVER eat sugar. My friend did as she said and never developed the MS.

    Anyway, that is why I started with this kind. I didn't want to buy an expensive one and not like something about it.

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    Ask your dentist is they are familiar with removing mercury (Hg)fillings using a rubber sheet barrier. They will be replaced by a "ceramic" or "composite" filling which isn't as durable but most certainly safer. The composite filling has ceramic in it.

    Juicing tears up the vegetable fibers and slings out the nutrients from each of the plant cells. So it's like you've chewed your food 50X for each bite. Raw food has the natural enzymes in it. Cooking or pastuerizing kills the enzymes. Bottled or can veggies or juice is by law, pastuerized, to increase the shelf life. If anything, juicing maximizes the absorbtion of nutients. Fiber is still needed to clean the colon and for perstalic action, so juicing is mainly an aid to get you well quickly.

    I used DMSA for 2 months, took a month off, took another chelation product with DMSA for a month, but got laid off from no more money for hair analysis or DMSA. Right now I use cilantro.

    I've read some of Dr. William Wong's writings on virus attack. I also use his regime of enzymes, Oxyboost etc. I'm hoping/thinking that the natural enzymes in juicing will work better than the pill forms. Its a theory anyhow.

    Lastly, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum says that heavy metals interfere with the immune system which allows viral growth. Kinda just the opposite of what someone else mentioned.
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    When I reply, I can only see my original post...sorry for the addendums.

    I haven't read much about Rich Carson. Should I surf the website or is it on the forums?

    I have a JuiceMan II juicer. I use to have a JuiceMan Jr. My wife wants the Jack LaLanne model but until I get well and get a job...the $5 juicer stays.
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    Hey, just letting you know that fresh juice should be consumed within 20 minutes before it becomes oxidised.

    You would be better off to make 2 lots of juices -a pain I know.

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    Dr. William Wong says that viruses breathe sugar. My neurologist thought that I had MS based on my symptoms. He ran 3 MRI but saw no scarring (sclerosis). He concluded then that I had a virus...sure D.O. found that I had Epstein-Barr virus. I read an article somewhere that viruses were suspected in causing MS and cancer for that matter.

    "Starve a cold / feed a fever" was great advice!
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    for your info. I have written it in my little notebook.

    One thing....doesn't Rich make alot of juice in the AM and sip it all day? Just thought about that...hmmm. Makes sense though to drink it as fresh as possible.

    Great Thread.

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    Hi, again....

    I just bumped Rich Carson's post for you - he posts under the screen name 'research' and the excellent post is called "THE DIFFICULT ROAD TO RECOVERY -Rich Carson"...hope it helps.

    Thanks so much for the info on the absorption - think I'll order mine today.

    Appreciate the recommend on Breville, Donaeil - when I ordered the Jack LaLanne, I read a lot of reviews that said theirs broke in the second month - weird, huh? Highly overated product, from what I can tell.

    Spacee, I love the Oster story - I love their brand, anyway; how wonderful that your friend never developed MS; I always wonder if I have it and I live on sodas...I simply have to give it up. Thanks for driving this home - you've made a difference.

    Thanks for the thread, Allw...I learned a lot.
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    I have a Braun juicer that I have had for about 15 years so it has held up well.Juice just needs to be drunk the same day it is made. I try to sip all day or take some with me if I am out.

    Please all invest (Xmas gift?) in a good knife. It really helps with the fatigue and fibro. Big difference in fatigue in food preps. I think mine was about $50. My son gave it to me last Xmas. Its all I use.
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    Regarding the cilantro, do you use it fresh? Do you juice it? How much do you take?

    I suspect that my CFS is viral, either CMV/HHV6 or another one. I take ProBoost sold here at ProHealthl. It helps the thymus. It helped me through one of my previous episodes of CFS. I have the relaxing/remitting kind.

    Enjoyed your info from Dr. Wong. I think he may be right. I avoid sugar and chocolate because they make me feel sicker.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    I have been making myself giant salads for lunch. Even after having that i notice i feel better later in the day, and the next. I add flavorings like a little cheese onions, chickpeas, sunflower seeds, and the salad dressing of course should be as natural as possible. As long as your jaws dont get tired from chewing that much.....