CFS/ME doctors in Indiana?

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    Is there anyone that can advise me of what doctors in Indiana that are willing to treat CFS/ME with nuvigil, provigil, or adderal, because I have spent years of holistic doctors trying to help me with holistic medicine, went down the road with weekly B12 shots none of which were effective. I had found a doctor that was treating my fatigue with adderal but unfortunately the clinic that he ran closed from lack of funding. I have insurance. But my CFS involves more severe fatigue that what I've encountered the typical CFS doctors seem to understand. I desperately need to find a doctor that is sympathetic with the fatigue. Because otherwise I am sleeping twenty plus hours a day.
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    Hello Mellisa, I found an old post with doctors who treats the CFS/ME on another forum. Unfortunately it won't let me to post it here. You can call this one:


    Munster, IN
    Dr.Dreyfus, Reumatology
    761 45th Street
    Munster, IN
    Tel: (219) 922-3002
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    I have a question but dont know how to post it
    Where i can get answers. .so im. Gonna
    Try here..can i take nicorette and adderal

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