CFS/ME Major National Media Campaign to Get the Word OUT!

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    This group has started a major media campaign to get a 1/2 page advert into the Washington Post newspaper just after the FDA/NIH study hits PNAS. It is expected that the PNAS article will be released some time in September. This study is expected to be very positive and even stronger than the WPI study in regards to XMRV findings.

    When the study is released you can expect that the CDC will do everything possible to damage this study and pull attention away from it and the CFIDS sick. Remember, it was the CDC that pressured the NIH into having the PNAS study pulled back and that study was already in the galley stage and ready for print. The CDC does NOT want this super positive study out into the public, especially since both the NIH and FDA (Federal government health organizations) both have independently came back with positive results for XMRV. These studies will make the CDC look even more unethical in their dealings with CFIDS over the past 25 years. Expect to see some very damaging stunts pulled by the CDC against the CFIDS sick especially in regards to changing names/diagnostic requirements for SSA disability and other unethical actions. To the CDC, XMRV is a very deadly enemy to their organization. XMRV will prove that CFIDS (CFS/ME) IS a very real physical disease and NOT a disease caused by stress or childhood abuse as the CDC (William Reeves) has published and made very public. Positive XMRV studies by the FDA and NIH also prove that every single person in the world is a target for this virus and CFS/ME as well as other diseases and cancers. The CDC can not have this affirmation that CFIDS is real and that men and children get this disease and not just "neurotic, middle-age women" - that's what the CDC wants the public, doctors, Federal government agencies, and the public to believe - and they have for 25 years.

    So, this means that WE, the sick, must be the ones to join and DONATE to this super critical major national media campaign. All support groups will be allowed to sign the bottom of the advert and provide their web address so that the public, policy makers, doctors, journalist, can hit those sites and become involved and informed. This advert in the Washington Post will reach from the US President/VP down to Congress, Federal employess (SSA!), journalists, muck rakers who go digging for dirt, the public who will find out what CFIDS is and will realize that they may also have this disease and seek help. This campaign will also get the attention brought to CFIDS and XMRV that both must have in order to get Federal funding for research and treatment. This campaign will also counter the damage that the CDC is and will continue to do to any real CFIDS (CFS/ME) research. Remember folks, the CDC is NOT our friend. The CDC has done every single thing possible to damage research and demean us. Reasons unknown. For great background on the history of CFIDS and the damaging role that the CDC has played see Hillary Johnson's website at . Johnson gives a great summary on all that happened and what the CDC thinks about us sick. You will be enraged if you haven't already read her book or know the 25 years worth of history behind the CFIDS/CDC story.

    Next, we all await the PNAS release, but, without a major national media campaign aimed at the people and organizations in Washington DC, nothing much will come from this study. Only the CFIDS sick, those doctors and researchers who are aware of CFIDS and XMRV will understand the importance of this study. The laypeople will not understand what PNAS says about CFIDS and XMRV, nor will they understand just how deadly and contagious it is expected that XMRV really is. Actually, the only people that will read PNAS IS the CFIDS sick, treating doctors and researchers. No one else will know or care what is in PNAS.

    Please. Get to the Facebook page and join and donate whatever you can. A half page advert in the Washington Post is about $8K. At this point there is about 800 members and around $1,450 in donations. Getting 800 members in little more than a week is great but the donations must come in or there will NOT be this super critical media advert in the Washington Post.

    This advert really is the only way to get the policy makers and those that have the POWER and FUNDING to take major interest in CFIDS and XMRV - DONATE NOW,!!!!! Thank you.

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