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    Good day,

    I joined ProHealth forums because I am trying to help the CFS/ME/FM community. As a non-profit initiative, I have established a website (see below) to create (hopefully) the largest global community of those suffering from CFS/ME.

    My goal is to link researchers with our pool of members, for studies, trials and eventually treatment. Finding suitable candidates for studies is expensive and time consuming. I hope to shorten that cycle.

    For this website, there are no fees, no advertising and no compensation for me. All member information is private and secure.

    My role in the CFS/ME ecosystem is small but I hope it will provide a little help. There’s too many people suffering from this debilitating disease. I have a family member who has CFS/ME and has been suffering for over 10 years.

    I hope you see the benefit in this effort; please visit the website. If there is anything you want to ask beforehand, I am happy to communicate with you.

    Thank you.
    Mike Lapenna
    (sorry due to my recent joining, I cannot post links or URLs yet. I will return shortly to do so)
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    Dear Mike,

    I've sent an e-mail to you. You must get ProHealth's permission before posting your link to use this website for your registry. Thank you for your cooperation.