CFS, mental illness or physical ailment?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MonteCar, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. MonteCar

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    I've been pondering this quite a bit recently, is chronic fatigue a mental ailment causing all the symptoms that we have, especially the ones who have emotional stressors in your lives? I've suffered quite a few years of emotional stress and is my symptoms that I have from not being able to recover from the stress that I have been under or is my condition a nice permanent one?, it makes me wonder. Most doctors like to think that a complex mental illness would cause the majority of the symptoms that the ones who suffered from some form of stress, are they right or do they not know what they are talking about, they are after all the professionals, do we have any professionals in here that would like to speak about the subject? Chronic fatigue can be got by all different ways from the way that it sounds so this probably won't apply to all of you but are the professionals right in the words that they say? I'd like to think that if I have the chance to recover one day that all my symptoms that have been so mean and harsh would one day all go away, that'd be nice to say the least. I've felt better this year with most of major stress contributors being gone but I still haven't the chance to ever recuperate from the early damaging stress that happened oh so long ago, or it seems that way. I from here on hope to be getting the quality attention I've needed for some time, I just hope if I can clear my mind from stress maybe my chronic fatigue symptoms would just be gone possibly shortly thereafter.


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    As to your pondering please consider the following...this
    illness is the IMMUNE SYSTEMS response to stress/stressor
    you have have been exposed to...probably in combination with
    some genetic pre disposition, which causes multi physcial
    symptoms...the brain it seems to me is an organ which trans-
    mits to and from the CNS and so does not to me
    sound as true mental illness is described by the mental
    health community...I allways think when MS was thought to
    be mental back about 1900 or so..people were actually lock-
    up if you can imagine that..I was as sick as anyone could
    imagine 12 years ago...I work four days a week now and hold
    rather high position..(tues-wed-thurs-fri)works for me..
    Most at work know of my past illness and some PREFER to
    think I'am MENTAL CASE A-1....They are all jealous of my
    sucess while being handicaped is smart...Lou
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    I am a Psychiatric Social Worker,and I am fed up with the whole Western model, which separates people into little pieces. Is your head not connected to your body? I think this whole question needs to go away, as it is taking valuable time away from DOING something about this illness.
    I am old enough to remember when mental illnesses were thought to be entirely psychological. I remember having arguments with my major professor because I thought some mental illness would eventually be proven to have a biochemical basis, and he disagreed with me. Well, just about every mental illness has now been proven to be biochemical, but we still speak of mental illness as if it were different from physical illness. Neurology and Psychiatry are coming closer to each other and one day I think they will have to merge, because illness of the head is no different than illness of the stomach ,or illness of the feet, etc. We can learn something from Eastern philosophy on this,and we should stop expecting to get true solutions when we state our questions from a faulty premise, ie. that mind and body are seperate.
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    Well said!
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    The mind and body as Klutzo said are connected, why docs sperate still is beyond me. I saw perfectly happy once healthy people get fm/cfids. All of us have some sort of major stress in our lives at one time or another.

    Lets just say someone has a weak heart/inherited cond./would you say they are mental because a major stress came up and they had a heart attack. I never heard a doc yet say, well he was mental so he had a heart attack. He will just say stress pushed it over the edge to cause attack. What is the diff. with us????