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    I am eastern standared time so if you are just getting up and are not on eastern time turn on your tv to CNN!!!!
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    I caught part of the story.......

    Apparently a student is suing under ADA. She didn't make valadictorian (sp) even tho she was top in her class.

    Other students said she had the advantage because of home schooling due to CFS.

    They claim their GPA was lower because they had to take Gym.

    This is GOOD timing...with May 12th coming up. PLUS this girl is the daughter of a JUDGE......

    Today is the day to flood CNN with email.......LOVE IT.......DJ

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    Thanks so much for writing about it. I was trying to get it on both boards (chit chat ) so everyone one could see it!!!! THIS IS GREAT!!!!! Also they say there is more news to come about it! YES-YES!!!
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    I know that some people feel that any press is good press but I don't neccessarily subscribe to that. I think the whole thing is ridiculous. She still gets to be valedictorian and by now she has already sent in college applications etc that she may want to put that on. She just wants to be sole valedictorian. It's arguable, sure, but she did have the advantage of taking classes at home that would give her a higher GPA than her classmates--they didn't have the option to take those higher credit courses. So that's why they are co-valedictorians. HOWEVER, I think none of that is the issue. 2.7 million dollars to be SOLE valedictorian! How ridiculous! What is this world coming to that we sue over everything and that the value of valedictorian could be so much. And where do you think that money will come from if they win? From education! From us. It will cost a great deal of money to pay lawyers just to fight it. My point really is that it makes people with CFIDS (who are already under suspicion of being lunatics and mental) look even more crazy and unreasonable...and money-grubbing (which is how many perceive us when we try to get money from SSI). Some will take this is CFIDS people just looking for a free buck. I am embarrassed by the whole thing and not just because she has CFIDS but because it is a juvenile, unimportant lawsuit when she already gets to be valedictorian.

    Ok, said my peace for the day:)