CFS Mentioned on Terminator TV Show

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TeaBisqit, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. TeaBisqit

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    Didn't see anyone else post about it. On Friday's show, CFS was mentioned. However, they made the character look like a chubby neurotic. Since her smoking was a big issue, they mostly focused on that and her overeating and a bunch of other things. The character was in a sleep clinic with Sarah, the main character of the show. So basically, when they were getting to know each other, this character started to rattle off about all her problems and then briefly mentioned she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but it was like it was no big deal and just another thing she had. I wasn't happy with that at all and even though the character was in a sleep clinic, she didn't appear to be fatigued, in fact, she was in there for nightmares about her smoking.

    I just wish tv shows would do an accurate portrayal of us one of these days.
  2. mindblower

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    "...this mischaracterization of CFS has got to stop..."

    The name remains the biggest problem about this still, IMO. It creates "ready identification" for people, including doctors(ie, most people have experienced a symptom of chronic fatigue however briefly/for whatever reason and so think they have a good concept of what CFS is almost immediately upon hearing the words).

    It's a case of a bad branding choice and, yes, a strategic blunder/mischaracterization. The CFS name is a disease in itself.

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  3. TeaBisqit

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    I don't think there is anything worse than the name. It has destroyed us all these years. People hear it and think it's just a disease of being tired. They have no clue about all the millions of other symptoms and the level of pain. They don't get it that you can't just push through the fatigue. It's not like regular tiredness where you can go to sleep and wake up refreshed. They just don't get it. The name alone has killed us.
  4. mindblower

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    Yes, thanks for echoing my same point basically. It now makes me wonder if any of the top patient organizations for CFS(ME, CFIDS, etc) have approached one of the outstanding business branding companies, such as Lexicon Branding, Inc in California, to do some serious pro bono(volunteer) work in doing a re-brand(re-positioning, name-change project, etc) of what CFS is called to make it finally effective for us and for these patient orgs, including the govn't agencies who are part of supporting research for CFS?

    Sometimes a simple request here or there from the right person, the head or top volunteer from one of our patient groups, could open doors fairly easily and possibly quickly blow this whole disasterous name for us out of the water. Professional-expert help on the topic just may be what's needed now to powerfully move this issue forward?


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  5. TeaBisqit

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    The cruelest thing of all is that we are still fighting for a name change after all these years. It shouldn't still be going on.
  6. AuntTammie

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    ME supposedly was the name change; however, since it's usually referred to as ME/CFS (not even ME/CFIDS (at least putting immune dysfunction in there gives it some credibility) most people still disregard its true effects. I think that the term post exertional malaise also downplays things. When I think malaise, I think something minor and/or depression. Obviously that's not what happens with PEM. Plus, for us exertion doesn't have to be something major, and PEM sounds like they are saying it is.

    One of the big problems people have said goes with the CFS name change issue is that they couldn't decide upon a name that fit since it varies somewhat from person to person. I think that since it has been proven that the mitochondria don't work rt and that they are the key factor in PEM, the name could reflect that. I'm not sure what to suggest beyond that, but I do agree that the name is part of what gets so much disregard for this illness. In fact, I read about a study that proved that even among Drs the name made a huge difference in how they perceived the patient and what kind of treatment and prognosis they gave. It used the same symptoms but different names.

    I do know that I am incredibly tired of people saying something about how they get tired too, and you just have to push past it.....or equating it with depression or laziness.
  7. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    The problem is, WE know they aren't the same, but no one else does, including most doctors. The second you mention the word fatigue, they instantly think you are just depressed. There is no convincing anyone that it's a completely different thing. Plain Chronic Fatigue can be caused by a million things. What we have is entirely different.

    At this point, after all these years and years, I wish it was just called HIV Negative AIDS. I really believe the similarities with CFIDS/ME and
    AIDS patients are not coincidental. There's alot more going on. If we had a powerful name like that, people would sit up and take notice.
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