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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by AllWXRider, Oct 14, 2006.

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    Before I was diagnosed with CFS, my D.O. had me try chelating heavy metals with a product called Chelex (DMSA, EDTA, Cilantro..). Of particuliar interest was mercury toxicity. After a month, I was feeling a little better. Less brain fog, but still sleeping through lunch and enjoying the TX summer heat: 100°F felt good to me. My body temp was 95.7°F on the average.

    My D.O. decided to test for Epstein Barr & Cytomegalo virus and the numbers were off the lab scale! Not active but chronic. I was put on transfer factors and boy did I herx. After 3 months, I could handle 2 capsules/day. Now at 6 months I can occasionally handle 3 cap/day.

    I did the "Mikie pulse" from time to time and this did help me too.

    My body temp is now averaging 98.3°F, brain fog worsens with TF pulsing but perhaps better.

    All this to say,(strictly as a theory) that perhaps what started the weak immune system and hence the "opportunistic" viruses was mercury exposure.

    Has anyone else been tested for heavy metal? Esp mercury?
    I understand that hair testing is the best test for this, not that the numbers mean anything, but any #>0 is cause for concern.

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    I tested high for mercury on a DMPS challenge test. I have had various chelating treatments and had my amalgam fillings replaced. I did another challlenge test about 3 weeks ago and I am awaiting the results.

    After I had completed most of the treatments, I started on Immune Transfer C. I am feeling better after all this but I feel I have a long way to go yet. I will be further exploring transfer factors.

    I do find your story interesting and certainly others have tested high for heavy metals.

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    but it was negative. However, I do remember as a child playing with some silver from a broken thermometer.

    I will add hair analysis to my list of "things" to try.

    One of my problems is that along with docs are getting older and are not so interested in trying new things.

    So, will see.