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    Hi Susan 04/21/06 02:47 PM

    Yes, it's a report finally.

    Just to let you know I've been at this since 1970 and worked with 'the' guru ... Dr. Jay A. Goldstein and I'm convinced that CFS people are alergic to our enviorment.

    While working in a building with 300 people I was the only one to 'smell' that someone had sprayed Black Flag and I was the only one to get sick and had to stay home for 3 days b/4 going back to work.

    My best responses were to accupuncture ... bought me about 20% more life. Before 1970 I was 'superman' in all my endeavors. We bought a new home and as I was preparing the ground for that gr8 lawn I decided to sterlize the ground.
    Unfortunately (being stupid) I sprayed on a windy day and am sure I got enough Vapam up my nose to kill anything else that might be up there as well.

    Years later, I remembered this episode and from all the other people (more than 100) I've compared notes with I'm convinced that Vapam was the beginning of this living death and the increased sensitivty to all other toxins in our enviorment.

    Incidently, are you aware that some have moved to toxic free communes where family/friends cannot use perfumes, deordiants and must change into clothing washed in toxic free water b/4 entering the compond?

    I am fully convinced 'its the ENVIORMENT stupid' and so each of us must make the best life possible with our broken futures just as anyone comming back with partial bodies from Iraq must.

    God Bless with your struggle and My Warmest Regards,