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    I often see this subject of changing the name of CFS which I couldn't agree with more but, my question is who has the POWER to change it? And why so much talk and no action. Is there something we all could do to get this DD a respectable name?? GARY
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    Yes Gary there is something we can do. On the first page of this message board is a post from site management on the name change. The founder of ProHealth Rich Carson is being very proactive on this and if it's like anything else he's tackled......Something WILL BE DONE!

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    This is in today's ProHealth Newsletter from our founder, Rich Carson:

    Advisory Board Proposes New Name for CFS!

    Today - January 31, 2007 - is a landmark for 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' patients and our Campaign For A Fair Name.

    I could not be more pleased to announce that the eight members of the CFS Name Change Advisory Board of experts have reached consensus on a suggested new name for this disease - and at their recommendation ProHealth will submit their proposal to the community. Because of the gravity and timeliness of this landmark decision, we will send you a special, separate e-mail informing you of their finding. So please look for it in your e-mail inbox within the next few days.

    These dedicated scientists have taken their responsibility in the campaign very seriously, and their commitment to CFS patients is unwavering. Though a period of comment, debate, and planning is sure to follow, I know you will join me in extending them our sincere thanks for their extraordinary efforts. And thank you for your patience and support.

    Your fellow advocate for justice in finding an appropriate name for CFS,

    Rich Carson
    CFS Patient and ProHealth Founder

  4. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I just checked my Yahoo addy and I still haven't gotten my Pro Health newsletter.

    I always get it on Wednesdays. Don't know what happened unless Yahoo just is screwed up and I'll never get it.

    Take care,
    I just went to the E-mail Bulletin place and had it emailed to me. That's a nice feature to have for when Yahoo isn't working right. [This Message was Edited on 01/31/2007]

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