CFS Newbie seeks weight loss, exercise limits, cure...Atkins?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hollie9, Jul 13, 2003.

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    Hi, I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for almost 10 years. Currently riding the roller coaster with worse health than usual.

    Main concern today is my 20+ pound weight gain from little exercise, and meds; doxepin 8 mg, klonipin, lorazepam, trazadone 150 mg, restoril. Also take 10 gram infusions of gamma globulin twice a month.

    I searched this board and found out lots of you have gained weight from the meds and that many of you lost weight on Atkins diet.

    Atkins says in his book that antidepressants and sleep meds will make the diet not work. A year ago or so I tried the diet again and after 2 weeks induction did not lose a pound or inch. Do you Atkins losers take meds, any of the above?

    Also, I've been reading in the CFIDS research journal and other places about some possible new meds for illness.

    Have any of you heard about a medication for another illness that is useful for putting more oxygen in your blood? Could I be remembering Procreit?

    Anyone have new meds that really helped them?

    Exercise!!! I tried weight training recently obviously too agressively since I spent 2 weeks in bed after. But I did lose 5 pounds in a week and a half. I'm guessing yoga is best, but what have you all discovered about the best exercise for weight loss and how to ease into it without horrible relapses?

    Can't wait to learn stuff here.

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    Hi Hollie, just wanted to welcome you, I am just too tired to make any comments, but did want to let you know how glad I am that you have found our board.

    I know our late people will be answering your post, and I will get back to you tomorrow. I can't stay awake another minute! Its 1am in Louisiana, where I am....

    Last post for they night is for you! A big welcome, and will see you tomorrow..................

    Shalom, Shirl
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    are the two forms of exercise I tolerate best. Walking is OK at times, but at others I just can't go very far. With yoga, you get two benefits. Besides the muscle toning, you learn relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, etc. I feel energized after my class. Plus, I think that just getting out of the house and "socializing" a bit does wonders.

    Welcome to the board; I'm new here myself but have learned a lot since joining (and for months before that, when I was a "lurker", just reading messages but not contributing.)

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    Saw a post by FM that Suzanne Somers is basically Atkins with food combining, and was not as good as Atkins.

    Don't the meds get in the way of every high protein diet?


  5. hollie9

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    I'll ask my doctor to prescribe the searslab and once this relapse is over I'll try the 50% method and start doing more yoga.

    I had zero luck with the Zone and was on it for quite a while. As I said, Atkins didn't work for me last time, after 2 week induction no weight loss. I'm trying Somers now but scewing it to no carbs except vegetables and I even wonder about those.

    My metabolism just isn't working right. I'm in menopause, not taking any HRTs since I have no menopausal symptoms. I do have natural HR meds but what's the point of taking them if I'm not having problems.

    I was injecting Human Growth Hormone for about 6 months. For the first 3 months my CFS symptoms completly disappeard, I thought I was cured! Then I started getting symptomatic again, feeling about the same and stopped taking HGH.

    Everyone else this anti-aging doctor treats loses scads of weight on HGH and Zone Diet. I ballooned up 20 pounds, he couldn't figure out why.

    On one of the GH sites I attended nearly everyone has an insulin tester, like for diabetes. They test their blood sugar about 5 times a day and never want it to get over a certain level. Their diet is dictated by what foods don't create a rise in insulin levels.

    I'm thinking I might finally do this after bombing out on every diet.

    Comments appreciated.