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    Royal College of General Practitioners (UK) have agreed to not to classify CFS as a mental health disorder.


    The MEA is pleased to announce that we have been informed bythe Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) that they will now remove their classification of CFS as a mental health disorder.

    This follows a prolonged exchange of correspondence with the MEA on this issue (>> uk/content/ view/570/ 70/) and the fact that it was also raised in House of Lords questions to Lord Darzi in June, and at the APPG meeting in July.

    This is an important precedent in that it will now be very difficult for anyone in a position of authority to claim that CFS (or ME or CFS) can be classified or officially listed as a mental health disorder.

    The MEA will still be meeting the RCGP to discuss the wider issue of diagnosis and management of the illness in primary care.

    Thanks to both the Countess of Mar for securing time in the House of Lords for questions on ME/CFS to Lord Darzi in June and to Baroness Howe for asking about the RCGP classification ( >> http://www.meassoci uk/content/ view/573/).

    The relevant part of the email from Ruth Palmer, Director of Professional Development and Standards at the RCGP, states:

    Dear Dr Shepherd

    I am pleased to inform you that the Curriculum Development Group andPostgraduate Training Board have now debated the views expressed about the reference to CFS/ME in the Mental Health statement and have agreed to remove the reference from the statement. It was not felt necessary to insert a specific reference to CFS/ME elsewhere in the curriculum, eg
    under Neurological Problems, because the curriculum takes a largely generic approach and does not specify every possible condition.

    We remain happy to have a meeting with you and I am sorry that it has taken so long to arrange this.

    Yours sincerely

    Ruth Palmer
    Director, Professional Development & Standards
    Royal College of General Practitioners
    14 Princes Gate, Hyde Park
    London SW7 1PU

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  2. Missizzy

    Missizzy New Member

    Thanks for posting this. It's fabulous news.

    (But, we could have told them that, if they'd asked us, couldn't we?)

  3. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    This is a great step in the right direction...

    My daughter was recently hospitalized in the UK and I looked at the hospital online.

    It mentioned CFS as one of the psychological disorders that it treats and it really made me wonder what kind of hospital it was if it didn't take CFS seriously. Now I know...


  4. becc

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    Excellent news. Now we'll just have to wait and see if it makes any difference to the way patients are treated... fingers crossed.
  5. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    It is a move in the right direction.

    Hopefully, the US CDC will stop moving in this direction as well.

    Thanks for posting.
  6. hi all,

    rosiebud,many thanks for posting this information.

    id read about it on the MEA site,and i just cant tell you how happy i feel.

    ive felt all along that M.E./CFS wasnt a mental health disorder,but have always been (in the past),treated like a mental patient, by doctors.

    just this past two months,my doctor (a lady doctor),and a ear,nose throat specialist.and a jaw specialist at the hospital,have all treated me as a ordinary person,and i was so very happy in myself.

    others in the past just would cut me off from even telling them of symptoms of new things happening to me,and would just say,,oohh you need rest.

    i cant earn money for my rent if im resting all the time,and not having new syptoms checked out, one at a time,and treated when things are found out to be truly wrong.

    like a few months ago,i was over come with fumes at work that two lady workers had caused,due to bringing chemicals from their homes,and using them at work,(DEFINATELY AGAINST WORK POLICY ON SAFETY).but id been put on sick due to fibromyalgia.

    fact was,,id been overcome with fumes.

    anyway,when my faculties(brain fog lifted),had returned back to me,i remembered the ladies at work talking about coustic soda that they had brought in from home and used.

    i told my doctor,and she went ooohh my goodness me,no wonder you have been so ill.

    now a doctor that shall remain nameless would have thought im mental,he always did.

    but there was a real reason as to why i was extremely ill,and it would have been missed by him.

    so im well happy that im now not classed as having M.E./CFS in a catagory of it being a mental health disorder.

    i think its neurological.but i think many things about this horrid condition.

    i do believe our brain was injured by something,a virus/bug.and we just dont get back to being the way we were before that migraine and fever of a different type.

    thanks again for finding the energy and time to post this fabulous news.

    love fran

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