CFS on CNN but kinda in a bad way

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kurt, May 8, 2003.

  1. Kurt

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    CNN was talking about CFS this morning, but it was in a negative context. Apparently, there is a girl, who is being forced to share the traditional one-person valedictorian with another classmate or a couple of classmates...not sure on the exact number. The girl is graduating from high school and she has CFS. As a result, she did not have to take gym because of her disorder. From what I understand, gym grades are weighted differently. Other classmates had to take gym and their grades were lowered because of the weight system. So, the school decided to allow for more than one valedictorian under the circumstances, which does seem fair to me. The girl with CFS does have a higher GPA, but only because she did not have to take gym because of the weight issue. Anyways, she has filed suit in federal court asking for huge punitive damages (2.7 million). I have actually seen this new story on a number of different news programs, but CNN was the first I heard to report the girl had CFS. The news people and legal analysts have been basically slamming the girl for suing the school, thus the negative context I was talking about. The other news programs were also slamming the suit. This story has been in the news the past couple of days. I don't know if any one else had heard of this story, but it does involve CFS. I thought everyone would be interested.

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    Now we arent just whiners who want special treatment but greedy money chasers. That kind of notice we dont need. Who are her parents and what are they thinking. Oh yeah, its about the money.
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    ...why did they pick this one, with our awareness day tomorrow???
    Cos it makes a good story I guess - although there are a lot of other good ones out there too:
    shameful treatment ppl have had from doctors,
    money intended for CFS research that was never used,
    the snowballing incidence of our illness,
    ...and yet they pick one that shows our illness in a negative light.
    Hmmm, call me cynical but I sense 'the powers that be' at work again here...I could almost turn into a conspiracy theorist over this...

    Hopefully, the majority of people who hear this story will keep it in the context of the activity of one person and not label everyone with CFS the same way.

    We can live in hope............

    Mary x
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    i had a friend in school with a heart problem, he too was dismissed from gym class but they still made him make up for the grade. he had to help out with the special ed students.

  5. Kurt

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    I should clarify that CNN only discussed the disorder very briefly and they spoke of the disease as a legitimate excuse for the girl not to take gym. They did not say anything negative about CFS. The legal analyst was very critical of the suit in general for a number of legitimate reasons, most of which I agreed. I just did not like the disorder coming up within the context of what many people would view as a frivolous lawsuit. As a side note, the school went out of their way to help the girl with CFS. They provided her with special tutors that made trips to her house, so I do commend the school.

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    Kurt, I am just going to copy what I wrote on another thread that mentioned that CFS was on CNN this am. I, too, am embarrassed by the whole thing and think that the school acted quite fairly in awarding co-valedictorians in this whole thing. I mean, I may have CFIDS, but it doesn't mean I agree with every person that has it and how they conduct their lives. We have to be fair to others who don't have it as well. Anyway, here is the copy of my other post...

    I know that some people feel that any press is good press but I don't neccessarily subscribe to that. I think the whole thing is ridiculous. She still gets to be valedictorian and by now she has already sent in college applications etc that she may want to put that on. She just wants to be sole valedictorian. It's arguable, sure, but she did have the advantage of taking classes at home that would give her a higher GPA than her classmates--they didn't have the option to take those higher credit courses. So that's why they are co-valedictorians. HOWEVER, I think none of that is the issue. 2.7 million dollars to be SOLE valedictorian! How ridiculous! What is this world coming to that we sue over everything and that the value of valedictorian could be so much. And where do you think that money will come from if they win? From education! From us. It will cost a great deal of money to pay lawyers just to fight it. My point really is that it makes people with CFIDS (who are already under suspicion of being lunatics and mental) look even more crazy and unreasonable...and money-grubbing (which is how many perceive us when we try to get money from SSI). Some will take this is CFIDS people just looking for a free buck. I am embarrassed by the whole thing and not just because she has CFIDS but because it is a juvenile, unimportant lawsuit when she already gets to be valedictorian.

    Ok, said my peace for the day:)
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    Our newpaper ran a small blurb on this story yesterday, only they didn't give any indication that the girl had CFIDS -- they only specified it was "an autoimmune disorder." Now I'm not sure whether to be ticked off or not!

  8. Mikie

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    The point of this story really isn't about CFS but rather another greedy person's seizing the opportunity to profit from a situation. I don't believe, back in the dark ages when I was in school, that gym class grades were used to determine GPA's. We had to take gym, we received grades for our gym classes, and we had to satisfy the gym class requirements unless we had an excuse from a doc. It's just that gym grades weren't used for GPA purposes, which makes sense.

    I think having co-valevictorians is a fair compromise which allows recognition for achievement all around. I doubt this will hurt or help our cause in the end.

    Love, Mikie
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    Sorry i am from the uk can any one explain what a valedictorian is i have never heard of this before
    so dont understand what is going on can some one explain

    confused Loopyloo
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    it seems that everything in the US is decided in the Courts these days. I applaud these people for standing up for us and I am thinking about suing my doctor also. Don't think we have to worry about bad publicity look at your doctors records and see what they say about us and look at how we are treated. Sorry, but I don't think we could look any worse and society seems to think it's ok to walk over us on top of it all.
    I think it's time we made our way into the political arena and the courts. The only way AIDS got funding was because of the discrimination process. I believe if AIDS affected middle aged women, there still wouldn't be any funding.There has to be some vigilantes among us, the polite way doesnt' seem to be working. Any responses from Oprah, Montel and the rest, we have been trying that for years. Most laws are changed in the Court System since the Congress has become so distanced from the people. I say hurray for the fighters.