CFS or Fibro ?

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    I am currently waiting for an official diagnosis of my condition after having CFS/Fibro symptoms for the last 3 months. My GP has at last referred me to a specialist at my local hospital but they will not take referrals until after at least 3 months of suffering the symptoms and I am waiting for an appointment. the frustration is enormous!

    The worst thing for me at the moment is the pain I experience in my neck particularly on the left hand side and across the back of my shoulders and in both arms. Sometimes the pain is unbearable.

    I have been prescribed cocodamol but am reluctant to take these as they knock me out and I cannot function. I tried Amyltriptiline but this just made me feel like a zombie and ill.

    I am also taking a concoction of supplements - Zinc and Vit C, Vit B complex, Co-Q10 and D-Ribose which seem to help with the general tiredness but not the pain

    Can anyone recommend any good pain relief which does not make you drowsy?
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    hazgr = I wish I could help you with your pain. I have had it for 30 years or so and I still have the pain. If you or anyone finds the magic bullet wish they would pass ist on. I know how frustrating it can be waiting for a dx. I actually dxed myself years before I was officially dxed by a Rheumatologist. For the most part the dx is made through the ellimination of other possibiliti4es and tests. There is really no blood test or quick dx. I know how frustrating that can be. There may be something I don't l know about . Many years ago I was diagnosed with EBS - Ebstein Barr Virus ( I THINK that is the virus causing mono)which I believe has been thought to possibly start it off in some cases but I don't think there is one main cause either.

    There are some exercises you can do for relief of some of the pain. There is a thread that I just posted to and got some info about exercising and things that help. I just saw the post on the side of the screen on the postings going on now.

    IanH, Ameille, Sunflowergirl Jam and others have posted. See if you could find it. May be on the CFS or FM boards, not sure. Try and find it. I have to leaqve now. DH is home and we need to leave.

    Hugz to you,
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    Can anyone recommend any good pain relief which does not make you drowsy?[/quote]

    The fact that you experince a "worst" pain on the left of your shoulders/neck suggest that you already have some cervical spine stenosis. It sounds like you have fibromyalgia possibly due to spinal deterioration and nerve compression. This is actually a common illness underlying fibromyalgia diagnoses. I would try to get a scan of your cervical spine if possible rather than just a diagnosis of FM or of ME (CFS).

    All the opiates will probably make you feel nauseous and dizzy at first but that can pass. However I am not recommending them. Another combination which can work is paracetamol+gabapentin. Together these enhance each other. It takes three days to work though. Ask your doctor.

    nutritional supplements for this problem are:
    vitamin D3 10,000IU for four weeks, dropping to 5000IU thereafter (ensure your calcium levels are checked after three months)
    magnesium (any mix ) 400mg daily
    vitamin K2 100mcg daily
    You are already taking zinc (no more than 25 mg daily)
    I notice you did not say you were taking B12. Everyone with these illnesses should take B12 in sublingual lozenge,
    1 mg twice daily
    EPA/DHA omega3 oil (particularly high in EPA) two caps daily

    You could also try glucosamine/chondoitin complex (but this is required in quite high dose - but do look into it)
    You could try anatabloc as recommended by Jam (although I know little about it)